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Compared to last year: There are more break-ins in Plittersdorf

Compared to last year : There are more break-ins in Plittersdorf

The Bonn police registered more home burglaries in Plittersdorf this year than in the previous year. But the criminal investigation department does not see a correlation between the crimes.

As soon as it starts to get darker earlier in the evenings, the number of home burglaries increases. Authorities are currently seeing an uptick in these crimes in the Bad Godesberg district of Plittersdorf.

Bonn police reported on Wednesday that there were two break-ins in an apartment building on Teutonenstrasse last Tuesday. On October 31, unknown persons broke into a house on the street "Am Büchel". Three days earlier, a woman on Europastrasse saw someone on her terrace, trying to break open the door. On October 23, a burglar broke into an apartment on Denglerstrasse and stole cash and a watch. A few days earlier there was also a break-in, and on September 30, a parked car was broken into on Teutonenstrasse.

"So far this year we have recorded more burglaries in the Plittersdorf district than in the previous year. These are figures from the initial statistics", said Michael Beyer of the Bonn police force in response to a GA inquiry. However, reliable figures for the year 2020 would not be published until the beginning of next year when the police crime statistics are released, he continued.

So far, the burglaries don’t appear to be linked

The Criminal Investigation Department 34, which specializes in the investigation of home burglaries, routinely looks for any connections between the crimes. "So far, we have not identified any correlations between the crimes," says Beyer. When asked whether the police would now intensify their patrol activities in Plittersdorf, Beyer replied: "The current crime situation, along with other special features of relevance to the area in question, is included in the daily work meetings. These points are then taken into account accordingly when setting priorities, if necessary.”

Last weekend the drinking pavilion of the Stadthalle was smeared with graffiti by unknown persons. So far this year, the police have registered six cases of property damage in the area. "This is an area that is under our scrutiny," said Beyer. The police have a concept for the Kurpark which includes greater police presence and intervention, but it cannot be fully implemented right now due to a change in police operations because of the coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, the graffiti has been cleaned off of the the drinking pavilion by a specialist company from Cologne.

(Orig. text: Maximilian Mühlen / Translation: ck)