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Statistics from the registry office: These are the most popular baby names in Bonn

Statistics from the registry office : These are the most popular baby names in Bonn

No one will forget the year 2020 so quickly. But for many Bonn residents, it was a very special year despite the pandemic - some got married or gave birth to a baby boy or baby girl. Here’s a look at all the statistics for 2020 and the most popular names for newborns.

One thing is clear: no one will forget the year 2020 so quickly. Every day, the topic of coronavirus dominated our lives. But for some Bonn residents, 2020 was also a very special year for other reasons. Some got married and some brought children into the world. The city has now published the statistics for the year.

As of December 15, 2020, the registry office (Standesamt) had recorded a total of 6,258 births, 4,542 deaths and 1,246 marriages in Bonn. Included in the number of birth registrations are also 86 subsequent registrations of births that took place abroad.

This means that a total of 6,172 babies were born in Bonn - slightly more than last year. In 2019, the Bonn registry office recorded 6,142 births. This year, 52 percent of the newborns were boys and 48 percent girls.

The number of registered deaths (4,542) has not yet reached last year's number (4,616).

Inspired by the composer

When it came to naming their newborns, the people of Bonn remained true to their local composer: 2020 is after all the Beethoven Anniversary Year and 14 baby boys were given the name of Ludwig, eight of them as the first name. Even more popular this year were the first names Paul (59), Emil (50), Noah (45), Jonas (47) and Felix (46).

For girls, the most popular names were Emilia (63), Anna (49), Emma (43) and Mia (41). The first name Mila was also given to 36 baby girls born in Bonn, moving far up the popularity scale. When it comes to middle names, Marie was the most frequently chosen name, occurring 121 times.

Many marriage ceremonies were postponed

According to the registry office, the most popular month for weddings in 2020 was October with 145 weddings, followed by September with 140. In previous years, August had been the most popular month for weddings. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many couples postponed or canceled their weddings. A total of 1,246 wedding ceremonies were performed up until December 15, this is about 170 (12 percent) fewer than in the same period of 2019 (1,416).

Despite the circumstances, the registry office succeeded in facilitating all those who requested a civil ceremony - although often not on the originally planned date or at the chosen location. In order to still be able to offer couples a special setting, more weddings took place in the Old Town Hall than usual - there were a total of 401 this year. In 2019, there were 308. However, couples had to severely limit the number of guests this year. Depending on the Corona Protection Ordinance in effect at the time of the ceremony, a maximum of 20 and at times no guests at all were allowed.

50 same-sex couples

1,537 marriage registrations were processed by the staff in 2020. 50 of the total 1,246 civil marriages were same-sex couples (24 male, 26 female). Although 26 couples got married abroad, these were subsequently recorded in the Bonn marriage register.

In 77 percent of all marriages in 2020, it was the first marriage for both partners. Last year, the figure was 75 percent. In 69 percent of cases, the spouses decided on a common surname. This figure is exactly the same as the previous two years. Of these, 89 percent chose the man's name and 11 percent the woman's.

(Orig. text: Jill Mylonas; Translation: ck)