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A roadmap to carnival parties: These bars and pubs in Bonn are hosting carnival events

A roadmap to carnival parties : These bars and pubs in Bonn are hosting carnival events

Carnival season already got going back in November, giving carnival enthusiasts time to warm up, but Weiberfastnacht is really the big start. Here is a list of Bonn pubs and bars hosting carnival parties.

Anno Tubac

Last year, Anno Tubac in Bonn's Altstadt changed hands, but carnival will still be celebrated here in a very traditional way. It starts as always on Weiberfastnacht (Women’s carnival), which falls this year on Thursday, February 20. On Friday, the "Durschlöscherparty" takes place, and on Carnival Saturday, February 22 and Rose Monday, February 24, people will continue to sway to the music, dance and have fun.

Address: Kölnstrasse 47, 53111 Bonn

Schedule: Thursday from 12 noon; Friday from 7pm (free admission); Saturday from 7pm; Monday from 12pm. There is no advance ticket sale!

Further information: www.anno-tubac.de

Machold Bierhaus

In the Machold Bierhaus in the Altstadt (Old Town), every single day is celebrated - all day long: It starts at 9:30 am on Weiberfastnacht. The party continues on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and also on Rose Monday the party continues at 2 pm. On Ash Wednesday the "Big Fish Dinner" takes place again.

Address: Heerstraße 52, 53111 Bonn

Schedule: Thursday from 9:30 am; Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6:30pm; Monday from 2pm to 1am; Wednesday "Big fish dinner" from 5:30pm.

Further information: www.bierhaus-machold.de

Harmonie Bonn

The legendary music bar only takes one day off during the carnival the season, otherwise there is a continuous party. Explicitly invited are also "non-carnivalists" and partygoers who don't necessarily want to dress up.

Address: Frongasse 28-30, 53121 Bonn

Schedule: Thursday from 5 p.m. (advance booking 11.50 euros), Friday from 8 p.m. (advance booking 11.50 euros), Sunday from 11 a.m. (admission free)

Further information: harmonie-bonn.de


6 days - 6 parties, that is the motto of Bönnsch at the Sterntorbrücke. It starts already on the eve of Weiberfastnacht. From then on there is a party every carnival day at "Bönnsch em Hätze".

Address: Sterntorbrücke 4, 53111 Bonn

Schedule: Wednesday from 6pm, Thursday from 11:11am; Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6:11pm; Monday from 12:11pm

Further information: www.boennsch.de

Guesthouse im Stiefel

The Stiefel celebrates "Stiefelfest", and every committed Jeck (carnivalist) should be there. It starts on Weiberfastnacht and ends with "Kamelle, Strüßjer and Bützje" on Rose Monday.

Address: Bonngasse 30, 53111 Bonn

Schedule: Thursday from 11 am (admission 10 euros); Friday Confetti Club from 6 pm (free admission); Saturday Best of Karneval - Schlagerparty from 6 pm (free admission); Monday Kamelle, Strüßjer and Bützje from 11 am (admission 10 euros).

Further information: www.gasthausimstiefel.de

The Nyx

The Nyx interrupts its usual pop and party routine again for a few days of extraordinary circumstances. From Thursday to Monday there will be a party every day. On Friday is the traditional "Trash Rekorder" party, on Saturday there is carnival karaoke and on Monday the party after the Zoch parade.

Address: Vorgebirgsstraße 19, 53111 Bonn

Programme: Thursday from 12 pm; Friday from 9 pm (admission 5 Euro); Saturday from 7 pm; Monday from 1 pm.

Further information: Events on Facebook


Carnival in the Bla - the punk rock bar is "the right place for jeck people" on Weiberfastnacht. It starts at 12 noon. On Tuesday evening the nubbel (a straw figure) is traditionally lit for a bonfire to signify the carnival season end.

Address: Bornheimer Str. 20-22, 53111 Bonn

Schedule: Thursday from 12 noon; Tuesday from 8pm.

Further information: Event on Facebook

Die Wache

As the last party address on a long evening, "Die Wache" has long since earned its reputation. On carnival, it starts here on Thursday at 2 p.m. and does not end until Tuesday night in the early hours of the morning - and all this with free admission.

Address: Heerstraße 145, 53111 Bonn

Schedule: Thursday to Sunday from 2pm, Monday from 3pm.

Further information: Event on Facebook

Zwitscherstube/Hotel Rhineland

On Thursday it starts at 5 pm for the "jecken ladies" and all the others. On Sunday there is a sumptuous breakfast in the Hotel Rheinland next door "vor dem Zoch" (You must make a reservation before Weiberfastnacht for the breakfast) On Wednesday the season ends with a fish dinner, for which tickets can be bought at the Zwitscherstube or the hotel until Shrove Monday.

Address: Rheinallee 17, 53173 Bonn

Schedule: Thursday from 5pm, Friday/Saturday from 5:30pm, Sunday from 3pm, Monday/Tuesday from 5:30pm, Wednesday fish dinner from 7pm.

Further information: www.zwiwi-godesberg.de

Wirtshaus Rheinbücke

The Wirtshaus Rheinbrücke in Beuel has a long tradition - also during carnival. Not only Wieverfastelovend is celebrated here, but also an "Alaaf the 90’s Party" on Saturday, which combines carnival and the music of the 1990’s.

Address: Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 2, 53225 Bonn

Schedule: Thursday from 11:11 am (Wieverfastelovend), Saturday from 8pm (Alaaf the 90’s Party)

Further information: rheinbruecke-beuel.de

Rhine Alm

On carnival Saturday there is a big costume party with live music and DJ in the Rheinalm. The entrance fee is 20 euros. Admission is at 7 pm.

Address: Am Bonner Bogen 1, 53227 Bonn

Further information: Rhine Alm

Final Bar

In the Final Bar guests can celebrate carnival on three days. Especially exciting for Jecken is the carnival karaoke party on Saturday. The entrance is free. On Women's Carnival and Rose Monday, there is a minimum consumption of ten euros.

Address: Thomas Mann Strasse 3a, 53111 Bonn

Programme: Thursday from 1pm, Saturday from 9pm, Rose Monday from 5pm

Further information: finalbar-bonn.de


Carnival enthusiasts can celebrate in this night club extensively. On Women's Carnival, Carnival Friday and Rose Monday you can rock the club.

Address: Kesselgasse 1, 53111 Bonn

Programme: Thursday from 2pm, Friday 10pm, Rose Monday from 5pm

Carnival in the Sudhaus

In the Sudhaus there is a four-day celebration. On Friday evening in Godesberg, Prince and Godesia traditionally come here with their entourage. On Rosenmontag the party for the Zoch parade is then held.

Address: Friedensplatz 10, 53111 Bonn

Schedule: Women's carnival from 11 am, Friday 6:30 pm, Saturday 6 pm, Rose Monday from 11 am

Further information: Karneval im Sudhaus

This is a list of carnival parties, which does not claim to be complete or follow objective criteria. It is also not a ranking. The order is arbitrary. Are you missing a party in the listing? Send us an e-mail to online@ga.de.

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