9-euro ticket, low cost meds, labor law These changes come into force as of August 1, 2022

Bonn · As of August, 2022, some new rules and laws come into effect in Germany. Some of those who will be affected include chronically ill persons, founders of companies, and DAZN streaming service customers. Here is an overview of all the changes.

  New rules will impact pharmacies starting in August of 2022, affected are patients who need biological medicines.

New rules will impact pharmacies starting in August of 2022, affected are patients who need biological medicines.

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Starting in August of 2022, a number of changes will come into force in Germany: streaming service DAZN subscription rates will rise significantly, some companies will be able to be established and registered online, and it will be easier to get affordable medicines at pharmacies in some cases. You will find an overview of the new rules and laws here.

More rights for employees as of August, 2022

On August 1, 2022, a new EU directive will come into force that is intended to strengthen the rights of employees. The so-called “Transparent and Reliable Working Conditions Directive” outlines the information and documentation obligations that employers must fulfill. Anyone who signs a new employment contract from August 1, 2022, must be given the main terms of contract in writing by the time they start their job. These include the maximum length of the probationary period, the salary, regulations on compensation for overtime hours, the agreed working hours and agreements on rest breaks.

This means that from now on, significantly more contractual terms and conditions will have to be in writing than before. But the new directive only applies to contracts concluded after August 1, 2022 and not to existing contracts.

9-euro ticket expires in August 2022

The 9-euro ticket is entering its last month - at the end of August 2022, it will expire. It is not yet clear what will happen after that. The 9-euro ticket is one of the measures from the government relief package and is intended to help reduce the cost of transport in times of skyrocketing prices. Many people are calling on the offer to be extended. The federal and state governments are currently wrangling over a possible follow-up offer for the popular local public transport tickets. There has already been a proposal for a 365-euro annual ticket or a 69-euro monthly ticket. Federal Transportation Minister Volker Wissing has announced that he expects a follow-up offer at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

By the way: Anyone who wants to use the 9-euro ticket in August 2022 must buy a new one for the month of August. A 9-euro ticket has to be purchased new for each month.

From August of 2022: GmbH’s and UG’s can be established and registered online

On August 1, the so-called “Act on the Implementation of the Digitalization Directive” will come into force. This means that certain company forms will be accessible online in the future. These include the GmbH (limited liability company) and the UG (limited liability company) forms. In the future, anyone who wishes to establish a company will no longer have to attend an appointment with the notary, an online meeting will suffice.

New Medicines Act starts August of 2022

Patients who have been prescribed biological medicines will be able to get substitutes from pharmacies automatically in the future. These so-called “biosimilars” are cheaper than the original preparations, but just as effective.

Biological drugs are produced on the basis of organisms such as bacteria and are often prescribed for Crohn’s disease, arthritis, or cancer. Those affected who have been prescribed a biopharmaceutical will automatically receive a less expensive but similar biosimilar drug - if available - when the law takes effect Aug. 19, 2022, even if they were prescribed the original.

August 2022: Electricity and gas prices likely to rise further

Energy prices will probably continue to rise in August 2022. This is because there is still the threat of a complete freeze on gas from Russia. The municipal utility Stadtwerke Bonn has already announced that it will raise electricity and gas prices.

Other rate increases in August 2022: DAZN doubles subscription prices

Anyone who subscribes to the online sports broadcaster DAZN will have to dig much deeper in their pockets starting in August of 2022. DAZN will double the cost of a monthly subscription from 14.99 to 29.99 euros. The other subscription packages will also go up in cost. (Orig. text: Sandra Liermann / Translation: ck)

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