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Culinary excellence in 2021: These restaurants in the region are in the Michelin Guide

Culinary excellence in 2021 : These restaurants in the region are in the Michelin Guide

More than 50 restaurants from NRW are represented in the Michelin Guide for 2021. Two Cologne restaurants were included for the first time. Several restaurants from Bonn and the region are also in the guide.

In the top tier of restaurants of North Rhine-Westphalia, nothing has changed since last year, there are still four leading restaurants. But there has been some movement among the 48 restaurants that have been awarded a star - and Dortmund stands out. There, three gourmet restaurants have won one of the coveted stars for the first time.

The only three-star restaurant in NRW - among ten nationwide - remains the "Vendôme" in Bergisch Gladbach. And three of Germany's 41 two-star restaurants are still in NRW: “Ox & Klee” and “Le Moissonnier” in Cologne, and TV chef Frank Rosin's “Rosin” in Dorsten.

The restaurant guide honored chefs in NRW with one star each, no less than 48 times in the 2021 edition. Dortmund, where "der Schneider", "Iuma" and "Grammons Restaurant" were newly awarded, can be seen as the city on its way up. “Palmgarten" retained its star - so that four restaurateurs in the Ruhr region now have a star.

Meanwhile, in Cologne, Enrico Sablotny of the "Pottkind" restaurant was delighted to receive his first Michelin star. Asked about the restaurant's rather unusual name, he explained, "We come from the Ruhr region, which is commonly referred to as the ‘Pott’. So we are the kids from Pott.” The food is diverse, he said, and is made from regional and seasonal ingredients. The name is intended to convey the restaurant's message: Things are down-to-earth there. The Cologne restaurant “La Cuisine Rademacher” also received its first Michelin star.

This year's Michelin Guide features ten Düsseldorf restaurants, each with one star. Cologne, however, appears eleven times in the one-star category. Green stars - awarded for the first time in 2020 - went twice to NRW: The trophy for sustainable gastronomic practices was awarded to "Seegarten" in Sundern. And "Anthony's Kitchen" in Meerbusch was honored twice, now bearing both a "normal" and a "green" star.

Among the restaurants in Bonn, "Halbedel's Gasthaus" and "Yunico" are listed among the one-star restaurants this year. “Clostermanns Hof - Le Gourmet" in Niederkassel is also listed in the Michelin Guide with one star. Steinheuer's Restaurant “Zur Alten Post” in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler retained its two stars. The "Historisches Gasthaus Sanct Peter Restaurant Brogsitter" is also represented with one star.

(Orig. text: dpa/ga / Translation: ck)