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Delivery Service in Corona Times: These supermarkets in Bonn and the region deliver groceries

Delivery Service in Corona Times : These supermarkets in Bonn and the region deliver groceries

The closer Christmas Eve gets, the more crowded the supermarkets become. But in view of the increasing number of infections, many people in Bonn and the region also have their groceries delivered directly to their doorstep. Which supermarkets offer a delivery service?

To avoid crowded aisles in supermarkets and long queues in times of rising Corona infection figures, some people in Bonn and the region prefer to use delivery services: meanwhile, customers of some grocery shops can order online and have their weekly shopping delivered to their doorstep.

She has been using this service from time to time for two years, writes a woman from Bonn on Facebook. After a knee operation, she discovered the digital shopping trolley for herself because she was temporarily unable to drive. "I was thrilled and in between I still order today. Even now in the pandemic, I find it better than going to crowded shops.“

This woman from Bonn is not alone in this: since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in the spring of this year, there has been an increased demand in the online sector, Rewe spokesman Thomas Bonrath tells GA. "The Rewe delivery and pick-up service has gained additional attractiveness for new and regular customers due to the reduced contact situation associated with it. However, the situation has not fundamentally changed since the partial lockdown."

Online supermarket more popular than before, but no substitute

In general, ordering via the internet has been popular since Rewe launched its offer in 2011. By specifying their postcode, customers can see whether a delivery or pick-up service is available locally. In Bonn and the region, both are available. Depending on the location, the assortment includes between 15,000 and 20,000 products. According to the information, many people are currently switching to the pick-up service: Groceries can be ordered online and then picked up on site at a separate station. "In addition, the service offers advantages for those who also want to supply people in quarantine or members of a Corona risk group with products," says Bonrath. There are about 1000 of these pick-up services nationwide, he said.

Although the lockdown has not affected supermarkets at any time, consumers have taken advantage of the grocery delivery option more often than before, according to various surveys, says Elisabeth van Thiel of the NRW Consumer Advice Centre. "Nevertheless, grocery shopping in stationary stores remains the consumers' favourite shopping option," they say when asked.

Online supermarket Picnic wants to come to Bonn

The online supermarket Picnic also has its hands full at the moment. "We are currently seeing a strong increase again," says Frederic Knauth, Picnic Germany boss. At the moment, there are three times as many deliveries as six months ago. So far, only the Lower Rhine and the Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia belong to the catchment areas of the online market. In the coming year, however, Picnic plans to deliver in Bonn and the Rhineland as well.

Around 150,000 customers currently order their groceries from the internet market. Often this is the normal weekly shopping, says Knauth. Customers can put their groceries in a shopping basket via an app. From a minimum order value of 35 Euro, one of the electric delivery vans then comes to the customer's home and brings fruit, vegetables, fresh produce and the like.

Traders do not have to inform customers of the best-before date

"What seems practical at first may lead to an overcrowded shopping basket, which is not only expensive, but in the case of food can also lead to waste," warns van Thiel from the consumer advice centre. Consumers should also take their time when shopping online, check their storage cupboards beforehand and make a shopping list, she advises.

The retailer must also provide all legally obligatory information in the online supermarket before the purchase, but this does not include the best-before date. This is important to keep in mind when buying supplies. Moreover, fresh products with a short shelf life cannot usually be returned.

Aldi-Süd, Edeka and Lidl do not deliver groceries

Netto has also set up an online service. According to its own information, customers can buy about 1,000 food and drugstore products from the store assortment there. Netto has not yet commented on the shop's response during the Corona pandemic. At Aldi-Süd, no groceries are currently delivered from the shop to the doorstep, according to a spokeswoman for the company. However, certain promotional items can be ordered via the digital service "Aldi liefert". "All of these offers are services that are highly relevant for customers," it continues.

The situation is different at Lidl: There are no food delivery services there so far. Instead, household articles, electronics, clothing, furniture and the like are offered in the online trade. And at Edeka, too, this local service is rather the exception: "Edeka Rhein-Ruhr consists mainly of independent merchants who run their stores independently," explains spokeswoman Kerstin Holla. "As a rule, they do not offer a delivery service, and this is also the case in Bonn and the surrounding area. In the few exceptional cases, it is due to the local merchants' own initiatives."

(Original text: Sabrina Szameitat / Translation: Mareike Graepel)