15 incidents in Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg district Thieves break into parked cars

Bonn · There have been a number of thefts from parked cars in Bonn and neighboring towns in the Rhein-Sieg district over the past few days. The Bonn police have recorded 15 incidents within three days.

In several areas of Bonn, cars have been broken into and items stolen.

In several areas of Bonn, cars have been broken into and items stolen.

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Bonn police have recorded a number of thefts this week in which parked cars were broken into in order to steal items from inside. A total of 15 incidents were recorded within three days in various parts of Bonn and in towns bordering Bonn in the Rhein-Sieg district.

According to Bonn police, a total of 15 cases of theft were reported between February 20, 11:30 am and February 22, 9 pm. In most cases, the perpetrators smashed side windows and stole personal items such as a bag containing sportswear, jackets and a cap. In the Thomasstrasse/Hochstadenring area in Bonn, thieves drilled a hole in the sliding door of a van and stole an injection pump worth 3,000 euros.

The crimes occurred in several parts of Bonn: in Weststadt and Nordstadt, Bad Godesberg, Dransdorf, Poppelsdorf and Ippendorf. There have also been incidents reported in Roisdorf and Alfter.

Police spokesman Robert Scholten says that there have been an unusually high number of car break-ins, which are spread over a wider area. The damage caused by the break-in is often significantly higher than the value of the stolen goods. He recommends that it is best not to leave any objects in the car. All car break-ins should be reported.

Bonn police are investigating the incidents. Anyone who has observed something or has relevant information is asked to contact the police at ☎ 0228 / 150.

According to police crime statistics, the number of thefts from cars has been rising steadily since 2018. While there were only 1,844 cases in 2018, there were 2,495 in 2022. Still, police expect the number of such incidents to fall slightly in 2023. However, exact statistics will not be available until March, when the police crime statistics for the previous year are published.

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