Attraction on Beuel's side of the Rhine This giant Ferris wheel is something Bonn residents can look forward to

Beuel · The Hoefnagels family's new Ferris wheel will be on the banks of the Rhine in Beuel for two months, boosting three open-air events. "Bella Vista" promises passengers a good panorama view.

The "Bella Vista" Ferris wheel has been assembled in the Netherlands and will be transported to Beuel at the beginning of March.

The "Bella Vista" Ferris wheel has been assembled in the Netherlands and will be transported to Beuel at the beginning of March.

Foto: Hoefnagels

Beuel has a particularly close relationship with funfair operators and rides thanks to Pützchens Markt, which is why Joseph Hoefnagels has decided to première his brand new Ferris wheel on the banks of the Rhine there.

The funfair operator, who is newly married, can look back on a long family tradition in the fairground business. His father is one of the big names in the European funfair world. With his fast-paced thrill rides, Infinity and Booster Maxxx, the Dutchman has often been a guest at Pützchens Markt.

His son, who lives in Euskirchen, married the showgirl Chantal Löffelhardt in Cologne a few days ago. The couple are currently spending their honeymoon in Gran Canaria. Fairground folk like to keep themselves to themselves. This way, both partners can be sure that the other is really happy to accept the "travelling" life from fairground to fairground.

Hoefnagels invested in the future of his company after the Coronavirus pandemic, by ordering a Ferris wheel from the Dutch company Lambering. It will be ready to be picked up at the beginning of March. Before that the German TÜV will visit Lambering and put the new ride through its paces. Ferris wheels are considered traditional funfair rides that delight young and old alike. This is evidenced, for example, by the club logo of the Pützchens Markt friends' association, which shows a Ferris wheel.

▶ Height: the ride measures 40 metres at its highest point, guaranteeing a good panoramic view of the Siebengebirge and the hills and foothills of the Kottenforst. The Ferris wheel is fully equipped with LED technology.

 This is where the Ferris wheel will stand.

This is where the Ferris wheel will stand.

Foto: GA-Grafik

▶ Name: the new Ferris wheel will be called "Bella Vista" - which is Italian for "beautiful view".

▶ Number of gondolas: 24 gondolas carry passengers to lofty heights. Each gondola can carry a maximum of six people. This means that up to 144 people can ride at the same time. The gondolas are built as open cabins but can be covered with waterproof tarpaulins in case of rain.

▶ Premiere: On Saturday, 16 March, showman Hoefnagels will put the Ferris wheel into operation to mark the opening of the Spring Festival. Rides will cost seven euros for an adult and five euros for a child.

▶ Location: The ride will be erected on the Rhine promenade near the Bahnhöfchen restaurant for two months up to and including Whitsun - at right angles to the Rhine, so that you can look at the front of the Ferris wheel from the Kennedy Bridge.

Peter Barth, Chairman of the Bonn/Euskirchen/Rhine-Sieg District Showmen's Association, and his deputy Fredi Rüwe came up with the idea of placing a Ferris wheel on the banks of the Rhine in Beuel during the 2023 Easter Fair. "When we were tapping beer at the bar, we thought: Beuel can do what Cologne can do," says Rüwe in an interview with the GA. Beuel showman Willi Kipp has his 55-metre high Europa Ferris wheel, the ultimate Pützchens Markt landmark, on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne for several months of the year.

Bonn's Lord Mayor Katja Dörner and Beuel's District Mayor Guido Pfeiffer will officially inaugurate and open the new Ferris wheel on Friday, 22 March, the day the Beuel Easter funfair on the banks of the Rhine starts. After the beer barrel has been tapped at 3 p.m., keyboard player Willi Bellinghausen will provide musical entertainment.

The fairground rides will be there until Easter Monday, 1 April. The showmen will be at the start with classics such as breakdancing but will also come up with two surprises. The funfair will be closed on Good Friday, 29 April. On the remaining days, the funfair is open on weekdays from 2 pm to 10 pm and on Sundays and public holidays from 11 am to 10 pm. The traditional family day is on Wednesday, 27 March, from 2 pm to 10 pm. On this day, children and parents can try out all the rides at significantly reduced prices.

Open-air concert on the banks of the Rhine

The Ferris wheel will also be a special attraction at three events: the spring festival organised by the Beuel business community (GGB) on the weekend of 16/17 March, the Easter funfair, and the big open-air concert event to mark 200 years of Beuel's Weiberfastnacht on Thursday, 18 May, from 1.45 pm (admission 12 noon) on the banks of the Rhine. Organiser BonnLive is presenting bands including Bläck Fööss, Höhner, Kasalla, Brings and many other well-known music groups from the Rhineland carnival scene. Tickets are available from 24.90 euros at

Original text: Holger Willcke

Translation: Jean Lennox

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