3G or 2G? This is how organisers plan carnival in Bonn

Bonn · In Cologne, only vaccinated or recovered carnival revellers are now allowed to attend the session kick-off on Thursday. This puts some organisers in a tight spot. In Bonn, they do not want to go beyond the measures of the Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

 Party time: 2019 session kick-off in the Brückenforum.

Party time: 2019 session kick-off in the Brückenforum.

Foto: Ingo Firley

Rico Fenoglio seems calm, but inside you can tell the event professional and head of Wanted GmbH is seething. For weeks, the Cologne after-job carnival party he is organising on 11 November, "Wolkenburg Alaaf", has been sold out with more than 1,000 guests. Until now, the condition for participation was the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested). But since Monday, as reported, only 2G (vaccinated and recovered) applies in the cathedral city. "The first tickets have already been cancelled," reports Fenoglio, who is also organising a party on the same day in Bonn at the Brückenforum with more than 1,000 revellers. But 3G still applies there.

"I hope that the city of Bonn, like Cologne, will not change this ad hoc," says Fenoglio. Because that would be disastrous for him as the organiser, who has already been shaken by the pandemic. "People who have not been vaccinated, or have not recovered, will now have to return their tickets for the Wolkenburg. It's pure chaos. I think the city of Cologne should have thought about this earlier," complains Fenoglio. He is also annoyed that the 2G rule applied for and approved by Cologne at the state level will only be valid until 14 November for the time being.

"This gives us no planning security." To be on the safe side, he is now considering applying 2G for his New Year's Eve parties in general. "I'm pretty sure that's coming." The ideal solution for him would be for all people to be vaccinated and additionally tested before gatherings. "But the state would have to spend money on that.“

District mayor Jochen Reeh-Schall (SPD) has traditionally invited people to the opening of the session at the Springmaus on Thursday evening and ordered the 2G rule from the outset. This means that only fully vaccinated or recovered persons are allowed to sway along. All guests must wear mouth and nose protection when leaving their seats.The 1st Football and Carnival Club (FKK) in Poppelsdorf has special rules for its party on Saturday. There, everyone has to be tested before entering the hall, reports a club member.

After all, the younger children of members, among others, cannot be vaccinated yet, so they also need to be protected. "Basically, only vaccinated and recovered people are allowed in, but they all have to be tested beforehand." Doctors among the association members have agreed to do the latter in tents. In addition, with the help of an expert, a hygiene concept has been set up, which also includes C02 measuring devices. They are activated when fresh air has to be let in through the windows.

Devices that Martin Exner also strongly recommends to all organisers. The President of the German Society of Hospital Hygiene and Executive Director pleaded for these traffic lights in an expert report and thus convinced the district committee of the Neuwied district to purchase the so-called CO2 traffic lights for all classrooms of the district-owned schools (the GA reported). "Of course, vaccination is a blessing because it protects us from the disease and from severe or even fatal courses," says the expert, who also sits on the crisis team of the city of Bonn.

However, it cannot completely prevent infections. That is why he also advises people to wear mouth and nose protection if the distance of at least one and a half metres cannot be maintained. "It is the best measure within the framework of hygiene concepts. Our experience in the clinics also shows that." But it really has to be worn over the mouth and nose. Besides, people like to wear masks during carnival. Exner says with a grin that health protection can also be combined with creative costume ideas in carnival.

City: No stricter rules for opening of session

According to Markus Schmitz from the press office, the City of Bonn does not plan to impose stricter Corona rules such as 2G for the opening of the session that go beyond the measures laid down by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in the current Corona protection ordinance. Thus, the Bonn Carnival Festival Committee, as the organiser on the market, has opted for 3G+. Only persons who are recovered or vaccinated, or who have a negative PCR test, which must not be older than 48 hours, are admitted.

Since the event is expected to take place outdoors with a maximum of 2,000 participants, 3G would not even be required under the current rule. In view of the rising incidence also in Bonn, the city welcomes the 3G+ decision in favour of "a responsible conduct of the start of the carnival season“ explicitly. Wache Gabi will support the festivities committee in randomly checking the necessary proofs. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia still prescribes the 3G rule for stationary catering establishments. According to the city, the restaurateurs are free to impose stricter access requirements through their domiciliary rights. (Original text: Lisa Inhoffen / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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