Bonn Christmas Market 2023 This is what mulled wine and bratwurst will cost this year

Bonn · The Bonn Christmas market started on Friday. This is what your Glühwein and Bratwurst cost this year.

 In Bonn, mulled wine costs four euros at most Christmas market stalls, just like last year.

In Bonn, mulled wine costs four euros at most Christmas market stalls, just like last year.

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There are two bits of good news. The first is that the Bonn Christmas market opened on Friday. The second is that the prices for mulled wine, bratwurst and the like are still quite moderate compared to other markets in neighbouring cities such as Cologne and Düsseldorf.

Stall operators have put the finishing touches to their stands. The have been busy hammering and nailing. Employees have been testing whether the mulled wine is at the right temperature or the deep-fat fryers are working. Ulla Barth and her team have stacked all the glasses and cups neatly in the mulled wine carousel diagonally opposite the Sterntor.

She has been selling Glühwein at the Christmas Market in Bonn for 30 years, she says. "Christmas Market Bonn 2023" can be seen on the glasses in gold lettering, with the "o" in Bonn replaced by the famous kissing mouth. Portraits of Beethoven are emblazoned in red next to them.

Christmas market: how much does a mulled wine cost in Bonn?

Barth sells her mulled wine from the Palatinate for 3.50 euros, just like last year. The Dornfelder mulled wine costs 50 cents more. Depending on the size of the mulled wine cup, there is a deposit of 3.50 or four euros. After all, at the end of the day, she always wants to have enough of the attractive drinking vessels back at her stall.

"We'd originally been been thinking about increasing our prices, as everything has become more expensive," says Ulla Barth. "But we decided to keep the prices down this year so that everyone can afford the mulled wine." Next year, though, her winemaker has announced that he will raise the prices. "Then we'll see what we do," she says.

At most of the other stands, a glass of mulled wine costs four euros. It gets more expensive if someone wants to enjoy the hot drink with a shot, such as rum or amaretto. Then you'll have to pay up to six euros. By way of comparison: according to media reports, a glass of mulled wine at the Christmas market at the cathedral in Cologne starts at 4.50 euros, while a 0.2-litre glass at the fairytale market on Schadowplatz in the state capital of Düsseldorf costs five euros.

Bonn Christmas market: what does a bratwurst cost?

If you're drinking alcohol, you should have something in your stomach. This is no problem at the Bonn Christmas market. Among the 160 or so vendors are numerous food stalls, offering everything from traditional French fries and bratwurst to potato pancakes, flamed salmon, Hungarian langos and pasta from a wheel of cheese. There is also an increasing number of organic products on offer. Of course, there is also something for those among us with a sweet tooth, such as baked apples, waffles, crêpes and almonds (100 grams: four euros).

The prices of the culinary offerings at the Christmas market have also remained largely stable. As in previous years, a standard bratwurst with mustard in a roll costs four euros. It gets more expensive if you want something special: a venison sausage at a stall on Münsterplatz costs six euros. Three potato pancakes cost five euros at most stalls - including apple sauce.

Everything LED

Showman Roland Barth is pleased that the Bonn Christmas market can still offer family-friendly prices despite general cost increases and higher stall fees. The ticket for a ride on his large carousel on Mülheimer Platz is still 3.50 euros, the same as last year. And there's a discount if you buy several tickets at once. The fairground operators are also doing their bit to keep their costs as low as possible: "We were pioneers with LED lighting anyway. We started converting our operations to LED about 15 years ago," he says.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen; Translation: Jean Lennox)

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