Outlook for Bonn and the region Threat of heavy thunderstorms on Tuesday

Bonn/Region · It was a wet and cloudy start to the week in and around Bonn. And the German Weather Service is warning of heavy thunderstorms on Tuesday. There could even be large hail storms and tornadoes.

 Bonn and the region may experience heavy thunderstorms. (symbolic image)

Bonn and the region may experience heavy thunderstorms. (symbolic image)

Foto: dpa/Patrick Pleul

After the heavy rain and thunderstorms in and around Bonn on Monday, the German Weather Service (DWD) is warning of an unpleasant day again on Tuesday. With temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees, the day will start with lots of clouds and light rain.

Warning of severe weather - supercells and tornadoes possible

According to WetterOnline, there is also a threat of thunderstorms in Germany on Tuesday: "Some strong thunderstorms are developing in a wide strip across the centre. Locally, there is a threat of heavy squalls, large hail and heavy rain", according to a statement on the weather service's website.

According to the statement, an "area of rain interspersed with thunderstorms" was moving north-eastwards from the Benelux countries. Bonn and the surrounding region are also on the southern side of the storm area - there is a risk of squalls and hail in particular. "Even so-called supercells are conceivable. These can be accompanied by gusts of over 100 kilometres per hour and large hailstones. Tornadoes cannot be ruled out either," it continued.

It will continue to rain on Wednesday. Temperatures are expected to cool down to an average of 16 degrees. Overall, the weather services are expecting the following days to continue to be cloudy and rainy. From Thursday, temperatures could rise again by a few degrees.