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Weather forecast for Bonn and the region: Thunderstorm warning at the start of the weekend

Weather forecast for Bonn and the region : Thunderstorm warning at the start of the weekend

Cloudy with thunderstorms - that's the prognosis for the start into the weekend. But on Saturday and Sunday it should become more friendly. Here is the weather forecast for Bonn and the region.

On Friday, we should not expect any of the lovely summer weather we have had so far: It could get uncomfortable. A front is coming into North Rhine-Westphalia from the west, bringing in a moist and initially still warm mass of air. On Friday morning, rain will move from west to east, according to the German Weather Service.

By Friday evening, it could get wet with rain probabilities of up to 90 percent. According to the forecast, heavy thunderstorms with heavy rainfall are also possible in Bonn from late afternoon. The German Weather Service (DWD) is also warning of hail and strong gusts of wind. Temperatures could reach up to 28 degrees Celsius during the day.

On Friday night into Saturday, the showers head east. Saturday promises to be more friendly and less wet. The sun should be more visible again with maximum temperatures of 28 degrees and the likelihood of rain should fall to 20 percent.

On Sunday the sun will also peek through with maximum temperatures of 25 degrees and a low probability of rain. But clouds will often appear as well.

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