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Higher local transport costs: Tickets in Cologne and Bonn are expensive by comparison

Higher local transport costs : Tickets in Cologne and Bonn are expensive by comparison

According to an ADAC study, North Rhine-Westphalia does poorly for tickets in a price comparison. In Cologne and Bonn, a day ticket costs about 70 percent more than in Stuttgart.

According to an ADAC price comparison of 21 German cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants, tickets for local public transport in Cologne and Bonn are significantly more expensive than in other regions.

A day ticket in these two cities costs 8.80 Euro, around 70 percent more than the cheapest provider in Stuttgart (5.20 Euro). The short-haul ticket is around 43 percent more expensive in Cologne and Bonn by two Euro than in the Swabian metropolis. The ADAC also noticed large price differences for the monthly ticket for adults: those who buy it in Cologne or Bonn pay 98.50 Euro, while passengers from Munich pay only 55.20 Euro.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, according to the ADAC, public transport tickets are up to 78 percent more expensive than in other federal states. Four of the seven most relevant ticket types in each city area cost the most in the major cities of NRW. According to the ADAC, the reasons for the high price differences in the metropolises could be, for example, different transport services and objectives of urban policy or a partially dilapidated transport infrastructure.

(Original text: Marie Schneider, Translation: Mareike Graepel)