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February 14 – 16: Tips for the weekend in Bonn and the region

February 14 – 16 : Tips for the weekend in Bonn and the region

Bonn is colourful - as the events at the weekend are proving once more. Whether it’s a carnival procession, an opera event or a city „geo caching“ tour through Bonn: Here are our tips for the coming weekend.

Ghost parade in Graurheindorf

The ghost parade through Graurheindorf is the prelude to the Bonn street carnival. After the train (has) was stopped in 2018, it has been back at the start since the last session. Also this year the "Rhingdorfer Junge un Mädche" are happy about numerous participants in "cruel and creepy" costumes.

Where: Start: Estermannstraße, Finish: At the Rheindorf Castle

When: Friday, February 14, 7.30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Overview of further trains under: kamelle.de

Bönnsche speaker session

The meeting will be moderated by the Malente family from the Malentes Theater Palast. This year's participants are: The Bonn City Soldier Corps, Lieselotte Lotterlappen, Volker Weininger, Willibert Pauels, Gerd Rück, Tuppes vom Land and Wicky Junggeburth.

Where: Maritim Hotel Bonn, Kurt-Georg-Kiesinger-Allee 1, 53175 Bonn

When: Friday, February 14, 5.45 p.m., admission from 5 p.m.

Tickets: from 54 Euro under ga.de/tickets

Dottendorf Jazz Night

Richard Münchhoff and Friends, singer Makeda and drummer Michael Küttner will be present at the Jazz Night on Friday. Richard Münchhoff and Friends cover funk, soul and fusion sound. Since their foundation in 2014, the band has already played several international festivals.

Where: Center of Dottendorf, Dottendorfer Str. 41, 53129 Bonn

When: Friday, February 14, 8 pm-11 pm

Tickets: for 18 Euro under ga.de/tickets

"Young and uninhibited"

Comedy newcomers perform on the Rheinbühne in Bonn. This time, presenter Lukas Wandke, Sebo Sam, Patricia Lürmann and poetry slammer Julius Esser will be there.

Where: Rhine stage, Oxfordstraße 20-22, 53111 Bonn

When: Friday, February 14, 8 p.m.

Tickets: for 7 Euro under ga.de/tickets

Vierdelszoch in Bonn-Kessenich

The Vierdelszoch through Kessenich passes through August-Bier-Straße, Burbacher Straße, Markusstraße, Rheinweg, Pützstraße, Karthäuserplatz, Mechenstraße, Bergstraße and Burbacher Straße.

Where: Start: August-Bier-Straße, finish: Burbacher Straße/corner of Rheinweg

When: Saturday, February 15, 3 to 5.30 pm

Overview of further trains under: kamelle.de

Irish Folk Festival

The audience had to wait quite a while for this, but now the time has come: On February 15th the 15th Bonn Irish Folk Festival will take place. On stage will be the bands Tunebar, Muddy Shoes and Sackville Street.

Where: Hall of Harmony, Frongasse 28-30, Bonn-Endenich

When: Saturday, February 15, 7 pm

Tickets: from 24,40 Euro under ga.de/tickets

20th Carnival Festival of the Bonn City Soldier Corps

From 11 am to 5 pm a colourful programme awaits the visitors of the carnival festival. Programme items include Harald Voss, Joker Colonia with Cologne music, the show dance group of KG Närrische Buben Sinzig from 1967 and the music group Sibbeschuss. The Bonn prince and princess couple Prince Richard I. and Bonna Katharina III. will also be there.

Where: In the marquee on the Münsterplatz in Bonn

When: Saturday, February 15, 11am - 5 pm

Further information: bstc.de

Hansel and Gretel

The Hofgarten Orchestra, the student symphony orchestra of the University of Bonn, takes its listeners into a fairy-tale world together with young singers from the Cologne University of Music and Dance. The musicians and singers perform the opera Hänsel und Gretel by E. Humperdinck semi-staged in the Stadthalle Bad Godesberg. The moods are additionally underlined by a corresponding light installation.

Where: Bad Godesberg Town Hall, Koblenzer Straße 80, 53177 Bonn

When: Saturday, February 15, 5-8pm

Further information: bonn.de

Carnival procession in Ippendorf

The carnival procession in Ippendorf moves on Sunday from Ippendorfer Allee via Röttgener Straße, Gudenauer Weg and Gierolstraße.

Where: Start: Ippendorfer Allee, finish: Ferdinandstraße

When: Sunday, February 16, 2-5pm

Overview of other trains: kamelle.de

Kids carnival procession in Holzlar

A children's carnival procession passes through Holzlar on Sunday. The parade starts on Heidebergenstraße and from there it continues along Siebengebirgsstraße and Christ-König-Straße.

Where: Start: Heidebergenstraße, finish: Christ-König-Straße to Holzlarer Hof

When: Sunday, February 16, 2.15-3 pm

Overview of other trains: kamelle.de

City Caching - GPS-Tour through Bonn

With the help of modern technology it is necessary to find unknown places in Bonn, solve tricky riddles and decipher mysterious inscriptions. To be able to solve the tasks, the participants are introduced to GPS technology at the beginning.

Where: Meeting point at the Beethoven Monument, Münsterplatz, Bonn

When: Sunday, February 16, 3-5.30 pm

Registration required at 0228/654553 or by e-mail to info@stattreisen-bonn.de


Sampling of museums and exhibitions in Bonn and surrounds

Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck Exhibitions: A current schedule can be found on the website (English): arpmuseum.org Hans-Arp-Allee 1, 53424 Remagen, 02228/94250

Bundeskunsthalle Exhibitions: A current listing and opening hours can be found on the website (English) Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4., 0228/91710

Deutsches Museum Bonn: A current listing can be found on the website: deutsches-museum.de (English), Bad Godesberg, Ahrstr. 45, 10am - 6pm, 0228/302255, For more information on children’s programmes: 0228/302256

Kunstmuseum: A current listing can be found on the website (English).Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, 11am-6pm, 0228/776260

LVR Landesmuseum: A current listing can be found here: times on website (English). Colmanstr. 14-16, 0228/2070351

Cinemas offering English-language movies:

Want to see a movie in English? Check out the GA “Kinofinder” (Film finder), just click on the OV Original Version films and you will find out when and where they are showing.

You can also check out the following theatres, which normally offer at least a couple of movies in English. Films labelled with OV (Orig. version) or Omu (Orig. version with German subtitles) are generally in English unless otherwise noted, i.e. (Russ) = Russian, (Frz) = French.

Kinopolis, Moltkestr. 7-9, Bad Godesberg: kinopolis.de

Woki cinema, Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz 1-7, Bonn: woki.de

Brotfabrik, Kreuzstrasse 16, Bonn-Beuel: bonnerkinemathek.de

Metropolis, Ebertplatz 19, Cologne: metropolis-koeln.de

Odeon-Lichtspieltheater, Severinstraße 81, Cologne: odeon-koeln.de

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(Original text: GA Bonn, Translation: Mareike Graepel)