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Leisure activities in the sun: Tips for Whitsun in Bonn and the region

Leisure activities in the sun : Tips for Whitsun in Bonn and the region

Rhinelanders are traditionally drawn to the North Sea coast for a short holiday at Whitsun, but his year, many people are staying at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Here is our overview of possible activities on your own doorstep and outdoors.

Over Whitsun, many people go on a short holiday. The most popular destinations are the North Sea coasts in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a holiday is cancelled for many this time, and alternatives are being sought. Here is an overview of the possibilities in the Rhineland.

Bike Tours

  • Apple Route: The apple route through the left bank of the Rhine in the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis is attractive, with a route of 124 kilometres. It goes through fruit orchards and vegetable fields. Shorter side routes in local communities provide variety.
  • Kottenforst: On a cycle tour through the Kottenforst there is a lot of nature to marvel at and history to learn. The forest area just outside Bonn can be explored in a relaxed way.
  • Wasserburgenroute: fascinating buildings, nature and lots of history on stage 1a of the Wasserburgen Route through the Voreifel. Towers, curving cupolas and battlements take you back in time.


  • Nature Region Sieg: The long-distance hiking trails “Natursteig Sieg” (Sieg nature trail) and the circular trail “Erlebniswege Sieg” (Sieg adventure trail) offer hikers various opportunities to explore nature. Particularly interesting for children are the photo safari on the Wildwiesenweg, the children's adventure trail on the Keltersberg, the Mellis bee nature trail, the forest nature trail, the artists' trail and the children's adventure trail Blankenberg. More information is available on naturregion-sieg.de.
  • Siebengebirge: 327 kilometres of hiking trails from the Erpeler Ley to the Ennert and a new “Beethoven hiking trail”: In the hiking guide of the Tourismus Siebengebirge GmbH are many tours to discover. The route with the world-famous composer is the latest one. More information on siebengebirge.de.
  • Ahr: A few weeks ago the hiking car parks at the Ahr were still closed. Over Whitsun the walks through the vineyards are no problem. Those who like to be particularly sporty can try out the Ahrsteig in several stages.

Experience animals

  • Forest and Wildlife Park Rolandseck: Various native, large game species such as mouflon, fallow deer or wild boars live in the Forest and Wildlife Park at Rolandseck. Scottish highland cattle, domestic animals, goats, ponies and rabbits can also be found here. Find out more at wildpark-rolandseck.de.
  • Brück game reserve: The Brück game reserve is located on the edge of the Königforst in Cologne. Visitors can admire deer, stags and wild boar here and also feed them. At vending machines you can get the right food for the wild animals, which you can buy for one euro.
  • Hochwildpark Rheinland: The Hochwildpark Rheinland is located in the Eifel. It accommodates over 300 animals in an area of 80 hectares. You can now explore the park via app, which can be downloaded free of charge to your smartphone. More at hochwildpark-rheinland.de.

Boat tour

  • The passenger boat service on the Rhine started on 15 May. Under special conditions, guests can enjoy a day on the water and admire nature.

Trip on the water

  • Villeseen: Another popular excursion alternative is the Villeseen. These are scattered around Cologne and require a slightly longer journey from Bonn. On the other hand, it is often permitted to swim in the larger lakes in this group, and they offer great beaches and leisure activities. For example, the Bleibtreusee, the Heider Bergsee, the Liblarer See and the Otto-Maigler-See are recommended.
  • Rurtalsperre: Germany's second-largest reservoir is located near Düren. The Rur dam is located in the northern Eifel region and offers many hiking trails, boat rentals and villages along the shore. The Eifel National Park and the Hohes Venn-Eifel Nature Park complete the offering of exciting discoveries.
  • Wahnbachtalsperre: The Wahnbachtalsperre is not only a large drinking-water reservoir in the region, but also offers numerous opportunities for hiking and stopping off for a bite to eat. At the dam, the common whitefish is caught and marketed as a regional speciality.

(Original text; Sebastian Knauth, translation John Chandler)