Heat wave: Over 30 degrees Tips how to stay cool(er) in Bonn and the region

Bonn · The next few days will be hot in Bonn and the region, and during the weekend it won’t even cool down at night. What will help to get through the hot days in the best possible way? Here are our tips.

 During the hot days you should drink a lot of, mostly non-alcoholic, fluids.

During the hot days you should drink a lot of, mostly non-alcoholic, fluids.

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The temperatures will rise to around 30 degrees Celsius, and by the weekend the 35-degree mark should be passed. The most important thing: Drink a lot and stay in the shade if possible. And here are a few other tips to help you survive the hot days.

The heat can quickly affect your circulation. This is due to the fact that blood vessels dilate at high temperatures, explains Professor Christian Strassburg from the University Hospital in Bonn. The body can thus release heat better. However, blood pressure can drop, which can cause dizziness, headaches or even heat stroke in direct sunlight. In general, you should drink a lot, over the course of the entire day. Thirst itself is already a sign of a lack of fluids. In addition to water, isotonic drinks, juice spritzers or unsweetened tea are also suitable.

According to Strassberg, alcoholic drinks are not a total no-go. However, they should be drunk in moderation, as they have a desalinating effect on the body. Problems caused by the heat or sweating could be intensified.

Lukewarm drinks are better when it’s hot

Cold drinks against the heat are only suitable at first sight: Liquids that are too cool must first be warmed by the body, which requires additional energy. Hot drinks, on the other hand, encourage sweating. Lukewarm drinks are therefore recommended, as they are the quickest way for the body to cool down.

A cold cloth placed on the neck can also help quickly and effectively with circulatory problems. This can cause the blood pressure to rise again. Strenous physical activities should also be avoided. Unless you are well used to it, explains Strasbourg. If you are outdoors, you should protect yourself with sunscreen and, if you are in direct sunlight, with a hat or cap.

Airy and dark

When outside temperatures are high, interiors also heat up quickly – especially when the sun shines through the windows. The rooms should therefore be ventilated when it is cooler outside. That means at night or in the early morning. Afterwards, the windows should be kept closed and the rooms should possibly be darkened so that the sun does not shine in. Roller shutters and external blinds are great for that, explains the spokesperson of the energy advisory service of the consumer centres. Because they are installed on the outside, they keep out much more heat than curtains on the inside.

The heat on the top floor is hard to bear. Proper ventilation can also help. For windows in the roof pitch, a special sun protection film from the DIY store or sun protection glazing is also good, advises the consumer advice centre spokesperson.

The temperature indoors can be lowered with an air conditioning unit. However, these should never be directed at you, but rather at the ceiling. Otherwise there is a risk of drafts, which can cause sore throats, for example. Fans can also help. However, they do not lower the room temperature, but at least they provide the feeling of cooling. Light fabrics such as cotton or linen are recommended as bed linen in summer.

Light food and light clothing

Meals also have an effect on physical sensation. Instead of fries or the greasy burger, light food such as salads should be taken. Hard to digest and fatty food only puts additional strain on the body. Fruit and vegetables such as watermelons, cucumbers or tomatoes can also regulate the fluid requirement.

Light or moisture-permeable clothing is also recommended. Clothes that lie loosely around the body can allow air to flow between the layers, which carries away the heat and cools the skin.

Those who want to escape from the warm temperatures outside or inside their own four walls and still want to have some experience at the same time have several possibilities to do so in Bonn. There are cooler temperatures in the museums and most of the the cinemas are air-conditioned. A visit to the open-air swimming pool can also cool you down – if tickets are still available, given the current limited number of tickets, or take a walk in the forests of the region.

(Original text: ga/dpa / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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