Local transport in Bonn Traffic club wants cheaper bus tickets in Bonn

BONN · The Traffic Club Germany is not happy about the Rhine-Sieg Traffic Association’s planned fare increases. One point of criticism: a single ticket in other cities is cheaper than in Bonn.

The Traffic Club Germany (VCD) has criticised the Rhine-Sieg Traffic Association’s (VRS) planned fare increases. “In view of the daily bus and train cancellations in Bonn, this is totally counter-productive,” said the local VCD chairman, Rainer Bohnet.

An adult city ticket (price level 1b) is to cost ten cents more from January, costing Euro 3. Across all tariffs, prices are to increase by an average of 3.5 per cent. “The price of a single ticket in all comparable cities, such as Bochum, Mannheim, Wuppertal, Bielefeld, Münster and Karlsruhe, is cheaper than in Bonn,” complained Bohnet.

The VCD thinks the tariff system is fundamentally in need of reform because of large price jumps when crossing district borders and overpriced short journey tickets. The VCD is calling for a waiver of price increases in 2019.

The breathing space for users must be used to make the local transport system more stable again, to fundamentally rework the tariff system and to aggressively use the opportunities offered by digitalisation. Bohnet says: “Perhaps additional funds can be acquired for this from the Lead City Project. If the Federal government wants to combat climate change sustainably, it needs to fork out for it.”

(Original text: Andreas Baumann. Translation: kc)

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