Traffic in Bad Godesberg Traffic routing at tunnel causes long queues

Bad Godesberg · There continue to be delays at the Bad Godesberg tunnel because of the altered traffic routing. In particular, those on Bonner Straße heading towards Bonn should expect queues – sometimes back to Aenchenplatz, the city of Bonn admits.

The traffic routing at the Godesberg tunnel was changed two weeks ago and there are still problems. Long queues are still forming on Bonner Straße heading north - not only in busy times such as in rush hour traffic but throughout the entire day.

GA reader Gerhard Wolf from Schweinheim says that following the change it takes him around twice as long to get to his workplace in the city. The problem in his view is that the traffic from Bad Godesberg city centre, from Burg- and Moltkestraße, is being routed towards Bonn along Bonner and Godesberger Straße. “This leads to congestion at various intersections,” describes Wolf.

Criticism of traffic routing

His proposal to minimise or even prevent traffic jams is to completely close the route Elsässer- to Wurzerstraße to motor traffic and to use Hochreuz- and Kennedyallee instead. “At this point in particular, vehicles from Bonner Straße that want to turn right onto the B9 or Wurzerstraße stop the flow of traffic to the north.” This stoppage results in queues back to Burg-, Schwertberger- and Winterstraße.

Another GA reader, who regularly has to drive in the other direction from Wurzerstraße to the Wald Hospital, describes his problems. The Wurzerstraße and B9 intersection is difficult. The former left turn lane into the tunnel is closed and the traffic only moves slowly straight on into Elsässer Straße. “because those turning right block the intersection because pedestrians have a green light.” He suggests opening the left turn lane to traffic going straight on.

City: situation has improved, but not everywhere

“The situation has significantly improved, but unfortunately not everywhere,” the city’s press office told the GA. On the B9 there are hardly any problems in either direction. On Bonner Straße, the southbound traffic is flowing well. However, there are still problems northbound, “as queues sometimes reach Aennchenplaz even during quieter periods,” admits the press office. Unfortunately there is no solution here. “The displacement of the tunnel traffic above ground is now inevitably causing traffic problems.”

(Original text: Ayla Jacob. Translation: kc)

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