Signal box hit Train disruptions in Bonn due to storm damage

BONN · Storm damage is causing some disruption to rail traffic in Bonn on Friday morning. Some routes are cancelled. The cause is a lightning strike to a signal box in Bad Godesberg. Here are the lines affected and alternate routes.

Storm damage is limiting rail traffic between Mehlem and Bonn Hauptbahnhof. According to information provided by Deutsche Bahn (German Rail), the regional train RB 30 is affected. There are disruptions and some cancellations. Travelers should check their connection before departure. It is recommended to switch to the RB 26, which runs between Remagen and Bonn Hauptbahnhof.

Also affected is the RB 48, as the railway company National Express announced on Friday morning. As a result of a lightning strike in a signal box in Bad Godesberg, the route between Mehlem and Bonn Hauptbahnhof is closed. The closure will remain until at least 12 noon. Line RB 48 is already ending at Bonn main station and from there it goes back to Cologne.

Passengers going to Bonn UN Campus are advised to take bus line 611 direction Heiderhof. Passengers with the destination Bad Godesberg can take tram lines 16 and 63 in the direction of Bad Godesberg. Passengers with the destination Mehlem are recommended to take trams 16 and 63 to Bad Godesberg, from there the bus line 613 goes to Mehlem, Landesfähre to Mehlem station.

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