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Popular holiday destinations: Travel trends for Bonners in 2019

Popular holiday destinations : Travel trends for Bonners in 2019

We are only a couple weeks into the new year but already our thoughts are drifting off to summer holidays. What travel trends are in store for Bonn residents in 2019? Here's what travel agencies are saying.

Spain, Italy or Egypt? It’s only January but some people are already asking themselves where they should go for summer holidays. The first travel trends for 2019 are already starting to take shape in travel agencies. After a noticeable decline in bookings for trips to Turkey in 2016 as a result of attacks and political turbulence, the holiday destination on the Bosporus now appears to be making a comeback.

"In recent months, we have noted a trend towards increased demand for holidays in Turkey," says Kristina Keller, Managing Director of a Tui Travel Center. "Namibia and Botswana are popular long-haul destinations for Bonners," she went on to say. Botswana attracts tourists with its virtually untouched African wilderness. On game drives through national parks and game reserves you can admire the extraordinary fauna and flora - for example in the Chobe National Park which boasts the largest elephant population in the world.

"In addition, more and more customers are interested in Ayurveda cures and holidays in Sri Lanka," Keller notes. Aryuveda is a traditional Indian healing art. In Europe, Ayurveda is increasingly used in the wellness branch.

No changes are apparent in the popularity of cruises or the holiday paradise the Maldives. Cruises are still among the top five types of travel. For couples, so-called "Adults Only" hotels are of interest, which normally require guests to be at least 16 or 18 years of age. On the flip side, families are increasingly looking for resorts that offer childcare for very young children.

The travel agency Hebbel maintains travel bureaus in Bonn, Siegburg and Bad Godesberg and notices a growing interest in the long-haul destinations Georgia and Armenia. "Although the customers inform themselves on the internet, they still come into our offices in person to finalize their input," says Walter Hebbel. There is also an increase in interest in horseback riding holidays.

(Orig. text: Nathalie Dreschke (with material from dpa); Translation: ck)