Unusual flavors Trendy ice cream flavors in Bonn and the region

BONN/REGION · It doesn’t always have to be chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. New varieties of ice cream are also very popular in Bonn and the region. Which ones are the most unusual?

As soon as the sun starts shining, long lines begin to form at ice cream parlors in the region. Classic flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry have been working extremely well for decades. But what novelties will inspire ice cream fans in Bonn and the region this year?

At the ice cream parlor “Granatella” in Poppelsdorf, flavors such as yogurt mandarin and cassis have recently been added to the selection. Both are selling well, according to Fabio Granatella, the owner’s son. Visitors in Poppelsdorf are also open to creative varieties like Nutella or Limoncello. Although the classic ice creams are selling well, the demand for fruity ice creams, like banana ice cream is somewhat in decline.

A similar development has been observed by Francesco Sabatella from the “Sabatella” ice cream parlor in Sankt Augustin. “Guests are becoming more curious,” says the son of the owner. Although classics such as nutty or vanilla ice cream remained popular, the general public was interested in creative ice cream flavors. New flavors at “Sabatella” include cheesecake, Rocher and dark chocolate.

Black licorice and dragon’s blood ice cream

Self-invented creations such as black licorice, cookies and salted caramel sell well in the ice cream parlor "Ghirardi" in Mehlem. The owners Valerio and Lydia Ghirardi also have created their own ice cream for children, which is called “seahorses”. "The exact recipe is secret," explains Lydia Ghirardi, laughing. She will only reveal that it tastes like mango.

Ice cream flavor “Drachenblut” (dragon’s blood) at “Bruno” ice cream shop in Königswinter is also made from a secret recipe. Owner Francesca Napol merely indicates that the ice cream consists of amaretto biscuits and brittle. "Once they have tasted it, our guests want this flavor again and again," says the Italian. The same applies to the in-house ice cream called Cassata Siciliana, which is modeled after a Sicilian cake of the same name and tastes of pistachio and roasted almonds.

Vegan ice cream is trendy

Unique varieties seem to be particularly popular this year. Katja Völkner, owner of the “Eis-Atelier” in Bad Honnef can confirm this. Some of the best sold flavors in their shop are lime meringue, sesame and one called “Funky”, made from malty chocolate. She also offers a vegan cappuccino sorbet. What they don’t offer is flavors with artificial coloring. That’s why she doesn’t think very much of the latest trend of black ice cream, whose dark color is often only possible with the help of activated charcoal.

It quickly becomes clear that the variety of flavors in Bonn and the region is as diverse as the taste of the audience. Interest in unusual ice creams is high. So who knows what will happen in the next few years? The ice cream shops in the surrounding area are certainly open to creative suggestions.

Orig. text: Judith Nikula

Translation: ck

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