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57 firefighters on-site: Twelve-year-old injured in Troisdorf fire

57 firefighters on-site : Twelve-year-old injured in Troisdorf fire

A fire broke out in a child's room in a house in Troisdorf on Tuesday evening. A twelve-year-old girl was taken to hospital.

A twelve-year-old girl in Troisdorf was injured in an apartment fire late Tuesday evening. According to initial findings, a fire had broken out in the children's room of the twelve-year-old girl at about 10 p.m. earlier. According to local fire department spokesman Peter Kern, the flames had already appeared from two of three windows on the top floor of the two-and-a-half storey residential building on Peter-Klöckner-Straße when the emergency services arrived. At that time, according to Kern, all residents had already left the house.

According to Kern, the twelve-year-old was taken to a children's clinic in Sankt Augustin. At first, nothing was known about the type of injury in the evening. A second person was examined for smoke inhalation. According to the fire brigade, five people are registered in the one-party house. There were 57 firefighters on site. In the evening, the fire brigade assumed that the house was habitable with the exception of the top floor. The cause of the fire was initially unclear.

(riginal text: Andreas Dyck; Translation: Mareike Graepel)