Circ also expect to expand to Bonn Twice as many e-scooters on the streets of the city

Bonn · Tier Mobility is delivering another 200 e-scooters to Bonn. Also competitor Circ announced an expansion into the federal city.

Tier Mobility is delivering another 200 e-scooters to Bonn. Also competitor Lime announced an expansion into the federal city.

The launch of the e-scooters in Bonn was so successful that Tier Mobility and Stadtwerke increased the number of electrically operated scooters. By the end of this week, 400 scooters, twice as many as at the beginning, should be available. But also the suppliers Circ and Lime want to expand to Bonn.

Since the end of June, Tier's e-scooters have been ready for use in the Bonn environmental zone, shortly after the Federal Motor Transport Authority had issued the operating permit. In contrast to other cities, the municipal utilities have now integrated the e-scooters into their own mobility app "BonnMobil". The pedal scooters are displayed in the map view and also in the bicycle map, as is the exact state of charge. But you have to rent the scooters like the rental bikes from Nextbike with the own app of the manufacturer.

Jan Halberstadt, City Manager Bonn of Tier Mobility, is satisfied with the demand so far. "We already recorded a four-digit number of trips per day in the starting phase," he says. Users can now also travel to Endenich, Poppelsdorf, Kessenich, Dottendorf, other districts of Beuel and Ramersdorf.

Circ might expand to Bonn

The fact that business in Bonn is going well has not remained hidden from competitors. The e-scooter rental company Circ, for example, has already announced that it will expand its range to include Bonn following its launch in Cologne. "We start with a small number to find out how people use our service," said a spokeswoman for the company. Afterwards it will increase step by step in arrangement with the city administrations. When Circ will make its e-scooters available in Bonn, however, is still unclear.

E-scooter rental company Lime, who has already delivered its equipment in Cologne, has gone one step further – at least that seems to be the case. In the provider's app, which can be downloaded to the smartphone, the areas where the e-scooters can be used are highlighted in green on a map. Bonn is not yet part of the Lime area, but recently a green area has appeared directly above the city of Bonn – in the shape of a Telekom logo. "How that happened, I cannot say right now“, said Lime speaker Lars Mueller. There has never been a similar case before. And he excludes: "We are currently not planning to launch our service in Bonn at short notice." One wants to find out now, how the mysteriösen marking happened.

The Telekom head office in Bonn is also puzzled about the big "T" on the map. "We are investigating internally and cannot give any statement at the moment“, according to enterprise speaker Peter Kespohl.

(Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach/Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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