Accident fatalities Two British people die in accident near Nürburgring

Adenau · Two people died in a traffic accident on the B 258 near Müsch early Sunday morning. The two Britons were on their way to the Nürburgring.



Foto: dpa

Two British people died in an accident on the B 258 near Müsch on Sunday morning. The police in Adenau described the accident as follows: "Around 4:20 a.m. a 35-year-old British citizen was driving his Seat (car) on the B 258 coming from Blankenheim in the direction of the Nürburgring. 200 meters before the subsequent accident site, he overtook a car. A few meters after the overtaking, it came off the road to the right in a left-hand curve and skidded along the crash barrier, presumably due to inappropriate speed. The Seat then flew over the crash barrier, smashed into a tree and landed on its roof.”

The driver and a 35-year-old British passenger were fatally injured in the accident. Another passenger sustained serious injuries and had to be taken to hospital. The British consulate was contacted by relatives. The vehicle was a total loss.

The Seat was recovered at the scene of the accident by a local towing company. In the course of the traffic accident investigation and the necessary follow-up investigations, the B 258 was completely closed off in the area of the accident site, which lasted until the morning.

(Orig. text: Günther Schmidt, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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