Commuters upset Two ICE stops in Siegburg discontinued

Siegburg · Changes in the timetable again cause trouble for commuters at the ICE station in Siegburg. Deutsche Bahn explains this with construction work in Cologne and refers to newly added departures.

 Commuters are upset about changes in ICE stops at Siegburg.

Commuters are upset about changes in ICE stops at Siegburg.

Foto: Holger Arndt

The scope of service in terms of how many times ICE trains stop in Siegburg is constantly under fire from critics. After initial improvements to the timetable, there are now changes again, serving to irritate commuters. For example, the ICE 10 from Frankfurt (departure 18.29 hrs) to Brussels should be making a stop in Siegburg, but as commuters report, this is no longer the case. For a long time, the ICE 10 was understandably not running at all due to the coronavirus restrictions, but now it no longer stops in Siegburg.

A Deutsche Bahn spokesperson explained that due to extensive construction work in the Cologne area, several timetable changes have been necessary since mid-June. In Cologne, the Deutz-Mülheim bridges are being renewed and a new electronic interlocking (ESTW) is being built. "These timetable changes were already published in the timetable since mid-October 2019," says the railway spokesman from Düsseldorf.

Alternatives with longer travel time

This means that customers from Siegburg/Bonn, who previously used the ICE 10, could use the ICE 622, which runs at approximately the same time from Monday to Saturday. Departure in Frankfurt is at 18.10, arrival in Siegburg at 19.00.

Alternatively, it is also possible to take the ICE 812/828, which has a slightly longer travel time due to the stopovers in Limburg Süd and Montabaur: Departure in Frankfurt at 18.16, arrival in Siegburg at 19.24.

Newly added departures in Siegburg/Bonn:

6.23 a.m. (Monday to Friday): since 14 June, ICE 222 Frankfurt - Cologne - Amsterdam

7.21 am (Monday to Friday): ICE 712 Frankfurt - Cologne

13.25 (Monday to Friday, Sunday): ICE 818 Frankfurt - Cologne

As reported, the Deutsche Bahn quickly revised the new timetable valid from 15 December 2019 after receiving massive criticism. In the morning hours, the ICE between Cologne and Stuttgart is expected to stop daily at 6.07 a.m. in Siegburg. The ICE on the Essen - Munich route is also to stop daily in Siegburg from Monday to Friday and on Sundays at 8.46 a.m. The ICE 10 Frankfurt - Brussels at 7.21 p.m. is cancelled due to the construction work in Cologne as well as the ICE 314 Frankfurt - Cologne - Brussels, which was otherwise offered daily at 13.23 hrs.

(Orig. text: Dylan Cem Akalin, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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