Busy subway route on the Rheinallee Two new signs for bottleneck on the way to the city centre

Bad Godesberg · A Godesberg man suggested a year ago that the city should improve its signage on the Rheinallee. He needed to have a lot of patience.

 At the suggestion of Michel Burgmann, a further pavement sign is to be erected in each direction towards the subway.

At the suggestion of Michel Burgmann, a further pavement sign is to be erected in each direction towards the subway.

Foto: Axel Vogel/AXEL VOGEL

The subway from Rheinallee to Alte Bahnhofstraße is a small bottleneck in the centre of Godesberg for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Signs in front of the subway towards the city centre indicate that it is a footpath and cyclists should get off. Michel Burgmann from Godesberg has been annoyed for a long time by the fact that some cyclists do not adhere to this. In May last year, he contacted the city but did not receive an answer. The city has now replied to another letter.

In the past, the sign was hardly visible through several overgrowing plants, said Burgmann. "This has improved in the meantime, because there was a radical cut of the bushes." Although it has become more visible since then, some people do not notice it because of its height.

But Burgmann does not want to condemn cyclists in general. There are already some who get off, Burgmann affirms. "But there are far too many who do not adhere to this," he says. What also bothers him is that although there is a sign in front of the subway coming from the Rheinallee, there is none on the other side. Anyone who crosses Moltkestraße as a cyclist from Alte Bahnhofstraße is not advised anywhere to get off. Burgmann wishes that the public order office would keep a closer eye on this. "The public order office runs around here, but only checks the parking offenders," he says. Burgmann also asks himself what should apply to electric scooters at this point. There have not been any complaints from other citizens so far, answers the city of Bonn when asked by the GA. As far as e-scooters are concerned: "The rules for bicycle traffic will also be applied to e-scooters," the city of Bonn writes to the GA in an e-mail. In this respect, the existing sign also applies to e-scooters. There are no corresponding signs for them, according to the city.

The press office informs us that the road traffic regulations stipulate where it is permitted to ride a bike or e-scooter. In road traffic, one should generally drive on the right side of the road and also on cycle paths, footpaths or pedestrian paths that are laid out or signposted. However, these areas would have to be "expressly approved by additional signs". "Unless these conditions are met, cycling or e-scooter driving is not permitted.“

Burgmann's assumption that his first letter "landed on the wrong desk" confirms the answer given by the Road Traffic Office to him, which is available to our editorial team. In it, the authority apologises for the late reply, as it had not been informed of the first letter. After an inspection at the subway, however, a further combination of signs should now be placed on the left side in front of the subway coming from the Rheinallee, "to further clarify the regulations". From the direction of Alte Bahnhofstraße, the path to the subway should also be equipped with the combination of signs.

However, the existing signs, as Burgmann suggests, could not be lowered a little bit, he said. They "cannot be changed in height, as traffic signs have to be installed according to prescribed specifications", justifies the Road Traffic Office. This would prevent possible injuries to other road users. The authority also responded to the criticism of a barely controlled area. According to the letter, the police should also be asked to include the subway area in their control activities. "From my point of view I am pleasantly surprised", says Burgmann. He is pleased that he has received such a friendly reply and that new signs will soon be put up in front of the subway.

(Original text: Thomas Leurs; Translation: Mareike Graepel)
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