Unknown perpetrators unfasten ropes Two passenger ships drift without a pilot on the Mosel

Cochem · Two passenger ships drifted without pilots on the Mosel during the night and collided with a boat, because unknown perpetrators had untied the mooring ropes of the two ships. A ferry was also targeted.

 The Mosel at Cochem. (archive picture)

The Mosel at Cochem. (archive picture)

Foto: Tourist-Information Ferienland Cochem

In the night to Sunday, two passenger ships without a pilot drifted on the Mosel near Cochem. Unknown perpetrators (at the moment it unclear whether it was a single person or several people) loosened the mooring lines, following which, both ships drifted downstream.

A short time later, both ships collided with a stationary passenger ship on the bank and a sports boat landing stage. This caused damage to property to an as yet unknown extent.

Both ships were secured by the police and towed to their original moorings by the owner. In the further course of the incident, the police determined that the ferry, which shuttles between Cond and Klotten, had also been released to drift, but this had failed.

In order to get to the mooring lines of the ships, according to the police, the unidentified persons had to either get through a locked door, or they swam across the Mosel to the landing stage.

(Original text, ga; translation John Chandler)

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