Gourmet Guide Two restaurants in Bonn awarded Michelin stars

Düsseldorf · There are a total of 48 starred restaurants in North Rhine-Westphalia. That is one more than the Guide Michelin listed last year. Bonn, too, can be happy about two star-decorated restaurants. But the city also lost one star.

 Rainer Maria Halbedel (left) and his team were already delighted to receive the award in 2018. (archive picture).

Rainer Maria Halbedel (left) and his team were already delighted to receive the award in 2018. (archive picture).

Foto: Barbara Frommann

While nothing changed in the top league of restaurants with two and three stars, the Gourmet Guide reported some movement in the one-star restaurants in its 2020 edition. Among the 44 one-star cuisines in NRW are two restaurants in Bonn: "Yunico" in the Kameha Grand Hotel and "Halbedel's Gasthaus" in Bad Godesberg. One, however, lost its star: The "Kaspars" closed last year.

The one-star restaurants in NRW are not only represented in large cities, but also off or on the outskirts of the conurbations, for example in Euskirchen, Gummersbach or Schmallenberg. But Düsseldorf also has ten restaurants in the class and Cologne nine. The "Rosin" in Dorsten, run by TV chef Frank Rosin, can still adorn itself with two stars. This class also cooks in two restaurants in Cologne, "Le Moissonnier" and "Ox & Klee". The "Vendôme" in Bergisch Gladbach remains at the top of the top gastronomy in NRW. The restaurant, under the management of Joachim Wissler, is the only three-star establishment in the most densely populated federal state.

With the two two-star establishments, the cathedral city has the edge in the competition between neighbouring cities.

"Taster" TV chef Björn Freitag continues to have a star with his „Goldener Anker" in Dorsten, and Nelson Müller's "Schote" in Essen also remains listed. In addition to "Kaspars", three other restaurants lost the award. These include the "Nenio" in Düsseldorf, "am Kamin" in Mülheim an der Ruhr and "Heldmann" in Remscheid. Partly the concept was changed or the houses were closed like in Bonn. Nationwide, 308 restaurants have Michelin stars, there are ten with three, 43 with two and 255 with one star each.

New in this kind of „league" is the "Setzkasten" - a restaurant located in the basement of a Düsseldorf supermarket. Münster previously had none and now has two restaurants of this class, the "Coeur D'Artichaut" and the "ferment". New in the league of houses with stars are also "astrein" in Cologne and "Hannappel" in Essen.

The Michelin generally praised the "mix of young, talented chefs with new, exciting ideas as well as established old masters" and the great variety in kitchen styles and concepts. The trend towards "Casual Fine Dining" is unbroken: Enjoyment at a high level in a relaxed atmosphere.

Original text: dpa/ga

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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