Accident with rental car Two young men from Bonn killed in New Zealand

Bonn/Te Anau · A tragic traffic accident last week claimed the lives of two young men from Bonn. They had been on vacation in New Zealand.

Two 20-year-old Bonn men were killed in an accident in New Zealand last week. The accident occurred on March 23, as confirmed by police at the request of the General Anzeiger. The two young men were in their rental car near the city of Te Anau when they collided with a bus. According to the authorities in New Zealand, 16 tourists from Korea were on the bus.

The accident was first reported by the newspaper, “The Marlborough Express.” Apparently, the two Bonn men were driving on Milford Road near the small town of Te Anau when their car collided with the tourist bus. Both vehicles burst into flames. Witnesses tried to free the two young men, who were trapped in the car but without success.

The occupants of the bus remained uninjured. On March 26, New Zealand police confirmed the identity of the two victims. Officials from the Bonn police, victim protection and a pastoral care counselor informed the families of the victims. There are no new findings on the cause of the accident; New Zealand authorities continue to investigate. Orig. text: Hannah Pfundt

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