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New UN construction in Bonn: UN high-rise building "Kleiner Eugen" now has a glass facade

New UN construction in Bonn : UN high-rise building "Kleiner Eugen" now has a glass facade

A new United Nations high-rise is being built next to the "Lange Eugen". The glass building with its 18 floors now has a finished facade. Whether it will be completed as planned at the end of 2020 is unclear due to the Corona crisis.

The new 18-storey high-rise on the UN campus looks almost finished from the outside and, as "little Eugen", is doing well in the neighbourhood of his long brother. To prevent the offices behind the approximately 7000 square meters of glass facade from overheating, sun protection will soon be installed. "The interior construction work is progressing further, and work is being carried out in the outdoor facilities at the same time," explains a spokeswoman for the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning.

The office, which is based in Berlin, is building on behalf of the Federal Agency for Real Estate, which will later hand over the high-rise building to the United Nations. The cost estimate is around 72 million Euro. The United Nations Climate Change Secretariat is scheduled to move in at the end of 2020. The offices and conference rooms will provide space for 330 employees. The viewing platforms are already regarded as eye-catchers. From there, one can overlook the Bundesviertel and the Rhine.

Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach, Translation: Mareike Graepel