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Water damage: Underground arcade at Maximilian Center to open in December

Water damage : Underground arcade at Maximilian Center to open in December

After having incurred water damage on two separate occasions, the underground arcade in the Maximilian Center in Bonn will not be able to reopen until December. Some work still has to be completed before it can open.

The passageway on the lower level of the Maximilian Center is to reopen at the beginning of December, provided that the repair work progresses as planned. Much work needed to be done following two bouts of water damage. A spokeswoman for the Bavarian Chamber of Supply, which owns the building, released the latest information about when the arcade would open. Currently, it is still busy with drying out some areas in order to "avoid having to replace the entire screed floor".

At the same time, the technical systems that are not yet operational will be repaired if damage has occurred due to the long closure period. As well, all filters in the ventilation system will be replaced and air measurements will be taken to prevent possible contamination, for example from mold. Only when the results of the measurements are available can the passage reopen. Meanwhile, a new main power distribution system has already been installed, which means that the stores have electricity again. (Orig. text: Nicolas Ottersbach / Translation: ck)