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Shanghai ranking: University of Bonn occupies top positions nationwide

Shanghai ranking : University of Bonn occupies top positions nationwide

The University of Bonn ranks among the four best universities in Germany in the Shanghai ranking published on Friday. In a global comparison, it ranks 70th.

Since 2003, the Shanghai ranking has evaluated universities on the basis of various indicators. The focus is on research. Among other things, scientific publications, citations, Nobel Prizes and the Fields Medal are taken into account. In the current Shanghai ranking, the University of Bonn is in 70th place behind the University of Heidelberg (47th place), the Ludwig Maximilian University (52nd place) and the TU Munich (57th place).

This makes Bonn the fourth best university in Germany. In terms of subjects, mathematics in Bonn ranks 30th in the world and is thus the leading German university in this subject. This also applies to economics, which ranks 35th worldwide. Bonn's agricultural sciences rank 46th. Professor Michael Hoch, Rector of the University of Bonn, sees the research achievements of the subjects and faculties reflected in the ranking.

"This ranking once again documents our international visibility as Germany's top university and confirms our recent successes in the Excellence Strategy as the best German university with six clusters of excellence and the status of a university of excellence," Hoch emphasized. "In the coming years, we want to work together with the faculties to place as many subjects as possible in research and teaching at the international level.

That way that we are hoping to attract the most gifted talents at all career levels to Bonn in national and international competition," said the Rector. This is also of great importance for the city and the region. "Our goal is to develop Bonn into one of the leading science and innovation centres in Germany over the next few years.“ Original text: GA Bonn Translation: Mareike Graepel