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Incident in Bonn-Endenich: Unknown culprits threaten and beat up man at his front door

Incident in Bonn-Endenich : Unknown culprits threaten and beat up man at his front door

When a 25-year-old man in Bonn-Endenich came home after shopping, two men threatened him with a firearm in an attempt to get into the house. The men hit him and ran away. Police are asking for witnesses.

Two unknown men allegedly threatened a 25-year-old man in Bonn-Endenich first with a firearm and then hit him in the face with their fists. The incident occurred on Friday evening on Endenicher Straße, as the police announced on Monday.

Accordingly, the 25-year-old came home around 18.05 clock from shopping and went to unlock the front door. Just then, two unknown persons grabbed him by the shoulder, held a firearm in front of him and demanded of him in English to open the front door. After a brief exchange of words, after which the 25-year-old did not let the men into the house, one of the two allegedly hit him in the face with his fist. After that, the suspects ran away. The 25-year-old was slightly injured.

The police initiated a manhunt, but could not determine who the two men are so far. Both are said to be about 20 to 25 years old. The man carrying the pistol was about 1.85 meters tall, had a normal build, short brown hair and a narrow face. He was dressed in a blue jacket and blue jeans and spoke English without a noticeable accent. The second suspect was around 1.75 meters tall and wore a dark beanie cap and a dark rain jacket.

Investigators would like witnesses to come forward and to call 0228/15-0 or to get in touch via KK36.Bonn@polizei.nrw.de.

Original text: (ga). Translation: Mareike Graepel