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Police operation in Bonn: Unknown perpetrators blow up cash dispenser on the Venusberg

Police operation in Bonn : Unknown perpetrators blow up cash dispenser on the Venusberg

Unknown perpetrators blasted open an ATM on the Venusberg early on Saturday morning. The strong box, however, remained in the wall.

The sound of the blast in the night to Saturday woke many residents on the Venusberg from their sleep. It later turned out that the reason was the blasting open of an ATM of the Sparkasse Köln-Bonn on Sertürnerstraße. Johannes Schott, the city councillor of the Citizens' Association of Bonn who lives nearby, said “there was a large police operation” and he took photos of the crime scene on Saturday morning. As the police announced at lunchtime on Sunday in response to the GA, the crime happened early on Saturday morning. At 3:42 a.m. and someone reported it to the police. By the time the patrol cars approached, “everything was already over,” according to a member of the control centre staff.

He assumes that the front part of the machine was blown out using pressurised gas and then lay on the sidewalk. However, the thieves appear to have been unsuccessful, because “the strong box is still in the wall”, according to the police, “so the blast probably didn’t deliver the loot.” According to the police, the perpetrators of such explosions are generally extremely ruthless and it is often not possible to pursue and catch them.

Nevertheless, the police initiated extensive search measures on Saturday and secured evidence at the scene of the crime. They are hoping to receive tips from the general public under 0228/15-0. “In the meantime, a company has secured the damaged glass facade of the building with wooden boards,” Schott announced.

Unknown perpetrators also blew up an ATM in Cologne during the night to Sunday. Residents had heard loud blasts, according to the police. In addition to the ATM, the façade was also severely damaged and the front door and surrounding windows were also shattered by the explosion. Whether the perpetrators went off with any cash is still unclear, according to the police.

(Original text; Richard Bongartz, translation John Chandler)