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Military helicopter on the Rhine: US Army helicopter sighted over Rem

Military helicopter on the Rhine : US Army helicopter sighted over Rem

Several US Army helicopters flew over Remagen and Bad Hönningen last Monday. They are part of a large military transport to Eastern Europe.

Six helicopters of the type H-47 Chinook flew along the Rhine over Remagen and Bad Hönningen last Monday morning at around 11.20 a.m.. They belong to the fleet of the US Army, as confirmed on Friday by the German Armed Forces Aviation Office on GA request.

Similar to the tanks, which were transported up the Rhine on ships at the end of January and beginning of February, the helicopters are part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which the US Army says it wants to use to ensure stability in the Nato countries of Eastern Europe.

According to a February 1 announcement by the US Army, 85 helicopters were transported from Fort Riley in the US state of Kansas to Belgium, where they were initially temporarily stored. Now they are gradually being transferred to Eastern European countries. This also applies to the H-47 Chinook transport helicopters sighted on Monday by two GA readers via Remagen and Bad Hönningen, but which will initially be stationed at their training location in Illesheim, Bavaria, as army spokesman Selwyn Johnson explained on Friday on GA request.

"Our brigade will be deployed in the next two weeks," the US Army announced. "We have forces that will be brought to Germany as well as to Poland, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria. They are here to simulate the rapid deployment in case of emergency, to improve deterrence capabilities and to strengthen cooperation with European partners. In the coming days there could be more flights along the Rhine.

(Original text: Joshua Bung, Translation: Mareike Graepel)