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Pin-up photo shoot at Base Camp Bonn: U.S. photographer captures classic cars and beautiful women on film

Pin-up photo shoot at Base Camp Bonn : U.S. photographer captures classic cars and beautiful women on film

The renowned American photographer Carlos Kella used Base Camp Bonn for a photo shoot with vintage cars and sensual pin-up models. The photo session will result in a calendar made in Bonn.

The combination of flashy cars and beautiful women has a long tradition. Some say this is just a typical man thing: Sexy curves and shiny chrome stimulate the imagination. But if the models are well staged, the combination can create some very big art.

At Base Camp Bonn, Carlos Kella, one of the most renowned photographers for American car culture and pin-up art, did a shoot for his new calendar. With a Dodge, a Buick, a Camino and three charming ladies, the Hamburg resident came to the camping van hostel to take advantage of the special atmosphere.

"Girls & Legendary U.S. Cars"

Kella has been publishing his calendar "Girls & Legendary US Cars" for ten years now. "Previously, I worked in the advertising industry and, incidentally, photographed mainly in the pin-up and fetish area," he says at the shoot. "In 2007 I made my passion a profession and quickly developed my current style. I just like beautiful cars and beautiful women. So why not combine both? It is important to me that the photos do not look cheap. I prefer the portrayal of strong femininity - my models should be both confident and sensual. "

For the vintage models, working with Kella is very attractive. "It's great fun to work with him," says Miss von Zucker, who, like her colleagues, only wants to appear in the newspaper with her stage name. "The team is incredibly nice, the location is a dream, and the costumes are great." Only the shoes are sometimes a little challenging, she laughingly adds, pointing to her heels. "That's probably 13 centimeters, maybe more. It's hard to walk." But that’s just a part of it.

Pin-Up-Shooting im Base-Camp

Quentin Tarantino used same costume company

The costumes come from the vintage business called Sterling Gold, which has already furnished many movies with such stock. "We even equipped Quentin Tarantino," says owner Maria Michaela Kühne, who took over the business from her father. It boasts a collection of more than 80,000 original dresses from the 1920’s to the 1990’s. "He came to us for 'Inglorious Basterds' and looked through our costumes for six hours. After all, they are all unique. Among them is, for example, a dress from Marlene Dietrich. "But this is not on the set this time, because it is far too valuable." But I've already brought a few things with me - I received pictures of the cars in advance and then thought about what might fit and whether perhaps a style break could be exciting."

The time flies by quickly during the photo shoot. Kella keeps coming up with new ideas but the clock is ticking. He has five hours, then the classic car owners have to hit the road. "When you start at lunchtime, it seems like a long time, but in the end it's always close," he says and begins to change the schedule a bit. "The Camino has to leave immediately, and then we drive the Dodge here in front of the hall, frontal, so you have a bit of garage feeling," he suggests. The team makes that happen - and ultimately the effort pays off. "That looks great," says Kella while looking through the photos again and again. The 2019 calendar is ready to go.

(Orig. text: Thomas Kölsch / Translation: ck)