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Corona updates: Vaccination prioritisation lifted in Germany, but patience is needed

Corona updates : Vaccination prioritisation lifted in Germany, but patience is needed

The seven-day incidence rate in NRW fell to 27.3 on Monday. In addition, the prioritisation for vaccination has been lifted nationwide. Here are some entries on the corona pandemic from the GA live blog.

RKI registers 1,117 new corona infections - national incidence rate is 24.3

The health authorities in Germany have reported 1,117 new corona infections to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in one day. This is according to figures from Monday morning, which reflect the status of the RKI dashboard at 5.20 a.m. For comparison: 1,978 infections were reported a week ago. The RKI provided the nationwide seven-day incidence rate on Monday morning as 24.3 (previous day: 24.7; previous week: 35.1).

Incidence rate in NRW falls to 27.3

In North Rhine-Westphalia the signs continue to point to an easing of the situation. The seven-day incidence rate in the state dropped to 27.3 on Monday, according to the Robert Koch Institute website. The figure, which refers to the number of new infections within seven days per 100 000 inhabitants, was 28.1 the previous day and a week ago it was 40.2.

NRW Kitas offer a full programme again

After weeks of corona-related restrictions, kindergartens and childminders in North Rhine-Westphalia are allowed to attempt opening this Monday. Day care across the state returns to normal operations with the full number of hours per week. Groups will no longer be separated.

The development in infection rates allows children back their everyday life, their contacts and their educational opportunities, explains Minister for Family Affairs Joachim Stamp (FDP) in his latest letter to parents. “As Minister of Family Affairs, I am aware that the pandemic has in many cases pushed you as parents and as a family to your limits. We have put you through a lot.”

The German Daycare Association has already called for a corona catch-up programme for nursery children as well. He said it was wrong to focus only on catching up on learning in schools. There is a need for recreational projects for families and children, including those under six years of age, priority access to sports facilities and swimming pools for children, and additional social work, including for nurseries.

Release of corona vaccinations - patience required

From this Monday, all those wanting to be vaccinated against corona can have the jab, irrespective of the priority list that has been applicable so far in Germany. The end of prioritisation means that the vaccine can now be given to the entire population. In Germany, anyone over the age of twelve can now be vaccinated. However, it will take until the summer before there are enough vaccines available for everyone.

This is why the top representatives of Germany's doctors and Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) urged those wanting to be vaccinated to be patient. At the same time, more than 6,000 company doctors are starting to administer the jabs. In the first week, they will receive 702,000 of the 6.6 million vaccine doses announced for the week. Currently a lot of the vaccine is being used for the second doses. The prioritisation aimed to protect those at high risk of corona first.

(Original text: ga, dpa/, Translation: Caroline Kusch)