Failed bomb attack at Bonn central train station Verdict for Marco G. expected on Monday

Bonn/Düsseldorf · A judgement could come down against Marco G. in the Higher Regional Court on Monday. The 29-year-old man is the main defendant in a failed bomb attack at the Bonn central train station.

A verdict is anticipated on Monday in the trial concerning the failed bombing attempt at Bonn central train station. The Higher Regional Court in Düsseldorf made the announcement on Wednesday. The start of the session is scheduled for 1 pm.

Marco G., the main defendant, is accused of constructing a pipe bomb and placing it on Platform 1 of Bonn central train station on December 10, 2012. For unexplained reasons, the bomb did not explode. Federal prosecutors have attributed the failure to a faulty construction of the self-made bomb.

Prosecution has called for a lifelong prison term against the defendant; they call attention to the gravity of the crime. 29-year-old Marco G. is believed to have committed the act alone. For his three alleged accomplices, who along with him are accused of planning to murder the chairman of the right wing Pro NRW party, the Chief Federal Prosecutor would like to see prison sentences of 14, 13 and eleven years respectively. For all of the defendants who have been on trial since September of 2014, the defense has requested for the charges to be dismissed.

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