Robbery at Cologne-Bonn airport Video shows the escape of the perpetrators

Cologne/Bonn · A cash transporter was robbed at Cologne/Bonn airport on Wednesday morning. A security guard suffered life-threatening injuries when he was shot. The culprits are still on the run.

After a robbery of a cash transporter at Cologne/Bonn airport, police are still searching for two men. "The search is underway, we are investigating," said a police spokesman on Thursday morning. One of the suspects was completely dressed in black, the other wore dark trousers and a dark green down jacket. Both men were fully masked. One of the men is said to have spoken fluent German, his accomplice did not speak a single word.

Dramatic scenes had taken place on Wednesday morning at Cologne/Bonn Airport. Masked gunmen rushed towards a money transporter around 9.10 am, shouting loudly: "On the ground, on the ground!“ Then shots were fired.

One of the guards was hit in the thigh and suffered life threatening injuries. The attack took place in the area of the long-distance bus station. Since the attack, the victim has undergone emergency surgery and is now in a stable condition.

According to GA information, the injured person is the co-driver of the money transporter. An officer provided first aid and attended to the guard's injured leg. Nevertheless, the gunshot wound was life-threatening.

A video – authentic material, according to the police – shows the escape of the culprits. It shows two masked men dressed in black loading a heavy suitcase into a black Audi and driving away with the trunk flap open.

The attackers left their escape vehicle not far from the place of the attack on Jägerstraße in the Porz-Eil district and set it on fire. The police found a Kalashnikov in the burnt-out wreckage of the car, which may have been the weapon used to shoot one of the guards. The culprits are on the run.

(Quelle: RP Online)

According to the Cologne/Bonn airport, flight operations were not impaired. Only part of the long-distance bus station was closed off.

In connection with the attack, the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office is investigating a possible connection to three former RAF terrorists. According to a spokesperson, this is being checked routinely. So far, however, there is no connection to attacks on money transports in northern Germany.

The case also brings back memories of another robbery almost exactly one year ago. Still unknown culprits between 30 and 40 years of age had robbed an armored car in the parking lot of an Ikea department store in Cologne-Godorf. At that time they hit the 60-year-old money messenger who had gotten out of the van. One of the perpetrators threatened him with a gun, while the other waited with his engine running in the getaway car - similar to the crime on Wednesday. Because the case could never be solved, it became the subject of the broadcast „Aktenzeichen XY... ungelöst" on ZDF television.

A police spokesman said on Wednesday: "That was a similar modus operandi, but whether the two acts are connected, the investigations must reveal."

The police are urging witnesses to call 0221-2290 or contact them at if they have any information in connection with the current crime.

(Original text: Andreas Dyck (with material from dpa) / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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