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Suspects still on the run: Video shows theft of Porsche from a Bonn residence

Suspects still on the run : Video shows theft of Porsche from a Bonn residence

On Monday, a Porsche 911 car was stolen from a Bonn residence. A helicopter was used to search for the car thieves, who have not yet been identified by police. A video of the theft was released, and police are looking for witnesses.

Bonn police are still searching for the persons accused of stealing a Porsche 911 from Rochusweg on Monday afternoon. According to investigators, the perpetrators went to the property of a single-family house around 2:30 pm, then smashed the window of a patio door and entered the house.

Among other things, the thieves took the keys to a gray Porsche with a black convertible top, and then drove away in it. It had been parked in front of the house. Responding to an inquiry from GA, the owner of the car said her sister had been at home at the time of the crime, became aware of the burglars and alerted the police. According to her statement, she heard the thieves "talking loudly with each other in a language that sounded very similar to Arabic”.

Immediate search measures were launched by police, including the use of a helicopter. One police unit saw the stolen car near Hausdorffstraße but the car thieves were able to get away.

The culprits continued their escape via Pützstraße in the direction of Nikolausstraße. According to police, the car drove into a lane of oncoming traffic and avoided an oncoming car by going onto the sidewalk. The stolen car hit a house wall and an oncoming car before continuing on at high speed. Property damage amounted to several thousand euros.

Thieves refueled car on Hausdorffstraße

The owner of the car had shared a surveillance video on Facebook on Tuesday evening, which shows how three men get into the Porsche and drive away. It also shows her sister unsuccessfully trying to stop the car. According to the owner, the thieves met up with a fourth accomplice after the break-in, with whom they then continued their escape. In addition, they were filmed by a surveillance camera while refueling on Hausdorffstraße. According to initial information, the video is available to the police for inspection.

Police say the driver of the stolen car is described as follows: He is around 25 to 30- years-old and has black hair, gelled back to the side. His stature is described as sporty and his appearance well-groomed. The man is said to have a beard. Police say they have no concrete leads as to the identity of the suspects, but they have many tips from witnesses.

Anyone having information about the car theft or suspects can contact the police at 0228/150.

(Orig. text: Richard Bongartz, Translation: ck)