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Public outdoor pool in Düsseldorf: Video surveillance after riots in the Rheinbad

Public outdoor pool in Düsseldorf : Video surveillance after riots in the Rheinbad

After repeated riots in Düsseldorf's Rheinbad, the city takes action: There will be video surveillance and support from the public order office in addition to an identification card requirement. Each of the two men under investigation has a German passport.

In the Rheinbad in Düsseldorf, identification is required with immediate effect. In addition, video surveillance will be introduced after repeated riots by adolescents and young men. Also, bathers will be given waterproof and tear-resistant wristbands. This would make it possible to identify persons who had illegally entered the pool via the fence, said Düsseldorf's Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel (SPD). "We cannot fence the pool premises with barbed wire", said Geisel. In the coming year, ticket sales could be converted to an online system so that it is always clear who is on the public pool premises.

The Rheinbad was cleared on Friday for the third time since the end of June due to riots. After the first two incidents, a video camera had already been installed at the pools. It also recorded the incident on Friday evening. Accordingly, the proceedings are now as follows: Around 5.45 p.m. young people occupied a large slide. According to Geisel, it was a group of about 15 youths. The 16-year-old ringleader was expelled from the bath and reported to the police after he had badly insulted and threatened the shift leader. According to the police, the youth was born in Germany and has an African migration background. The second man under investigation had nothing to do with the tumult itself. The 27-year-old German insulted a police woman when he was supposed to leave the bathroom. According to the police, there were no further mediation proceedings after the incident.

Getting rioters out of anonymity

Thus, Geisel had to row back on Monday and withdraw part of his statements about the incident. In addition, the eviction was probably not necessary. However, the employees of the open-air swimming pool still had the impression that they were dealing with young people, the majority of whom were of North African origin.

For Stefan Engstfeld, legal policy spokesman for the Green parliamentary group in the state parliament, the measures taken for the outdoor swimming pool are not sufficient to guarantee more safety there in the future. "Rather, every visitor should hand in a photo document and receive a ribbon with a number in return," said Engstfeld. "When the guest leaves the outdoor pool again, he returns the ribbon and receives his ID card back," explains the Green politician. On the one hand, this would have a deterrent effect and, on the other hand, it would get the individual rioters out of their anonymity, stresses Engstfeld.

This summer, there have already been a number of incidents in open-air swimming pools throughout the country. Particularly at high temperatures, when the pools are naturally particularly crowded, there have been acts of violence. The SPD state parliamentary group is therefore proposing an upper limit for visitors to open-air swimming pools. "One should discuss also the maximum number of visitors permitted and inform over the local and social media rapidly, if it is too full , said the SPD Landtag delegate and deputy chairmen of the sport committee Markus Weske. The Bundesverband der Sicherheitswirtschaft (BDSW) (Federal Association of the Security Industry) has confirmed an increased demand for security personnel for outdoor swimming pools. "The subjective perception of safety has diminished in recent years. More and more often people feel uncomfortable and insecure in everyday situations", explains association spokeswoman Silke Wollmann.

Demand for a ban on outdoor swimming pools for rioters

The CDU parliamentary group in the Landtag considers increased controls in the entrance area and personalised tickets to be a good way of identifying perpetrators afterwards. In addition, the CDU parliamentary group also believes that it should be examined whether the costs of using the police can be billed to thugs who attack the police. The AfD in Düsseldorf's Landtag demands a nationwide ban on open-air swimming pools for those who riot in the open-air swimming pools. Besides in case of need an immediate deportation of executable „ausreisepflichtigen“ involved ones would be a step for the return of more order in the open air swimming pools, so AfD parliamentary group chairman Markus Wagner.

Düsseldorf's Lord Mayor on Monday also clearly contradicted the impression he himself had created that there were "marauding youth gangs" that were making the Rheinbad unsafe. There had been a few unsightly scenes at the diving pool, but families could still feel safe. The word youth gang Geisel himself had used on Saturday.

(Original text: Christian Schwerdtfeger, Uwe-Jens Ruhnau; Translation: Mareike Graepel)