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Weather forecast: Warning of squalls in Bonn and the region

Weather forecast : Warning of squalls in Bonn and the region

After the rainy Monday, there’s a change in the weather today. For Tuesday, the German Weather Service (DWD) warns of squalls in Bonn and the region. Pedestrians should pay particular attention to falling objects.

The German Meteorological Service has issued an official warning against squalls for Bonn, the Rhein-Sieg District, the Ahrweiler District and Neuwied. Until Tuesday 5 pm, for example, individual branches may fall down. Pedestrians are asked to pay special attention to falling objects.

In the middle and south of Germany, stiff to stormy gusts are to be expected (55-75 kilometres per hour), in parts of the south also expect squalls (around 80 kilometres per hour).

In the night to Tuesday, according to the current weather forecast, rain clouds will spread and the wind will become stronger. On Tuesday the storm low Lolita is expected to move from the North Sea via Denmark to southern Sweden. According to the German Weather Service on Monday, this will cause a stormy southwest wind and bring maritime polar air with it.

Not particularly wintry in Bonn and the region

The cold air then causes the snowfall line to drop significantly. However, it will probably not be particularly wintry in Bonn and the region. Mainly in the low mountain ranges (above the 400-meter mark approx) it can snow. Here it’s more about (rather comes to) heavy showers and single thunderstorms. This means that snow, sleet or sleet can fall only occasionally.

Also in the middle of the week there’s are no better weather forecasts: On Wednesday the windy showery weather continues, although the wind is weaker compared to the previous day. With three to seven degrees it will be wet and cold in many places.

On Thursday, the changeable weather will probably continue, but the winter seems over with double-digit highs in some places.

This trend will also continue on the following days: "It will remain unstable with precipitation, windy and mild", says Magdalena Bertelmann from the weather forecast centre of the DWD in Offenbach.

Original text: GA Bonn. Translation: Mareike Graepel