American settlement Water pipe bursts in Plittersdorf

Plittersdorf · A break in a water pipe caused water supply problems in the American settlement in Plittersdorf from early Tuesday morning. But the cold weather was apparently not responsible.

A water pipe burst in the American settlement in Plittersdorf on Tuesday morning. Responding to a GA inquiry, the spokeswoman for Bonn public utilities, Veronika John, said that six apartment buildings on Steubenring were affected.

Damage to the water supply was reported at 6:45 am early Tuesday. Workers were busy trying to solve the problem and repairing the line. According to SWB, the public utilities company for Bonn, water was to be restored to the apartments aroud 4pm. Because of the water issues and repair work, the road had to be temporarily closed on Tuesday morning.

The affected water line was a normal water pipe as opposed to a main line. According to the spokeswoman, frost was not responsible for the rupture, it was apparently “normal water line damage.”

The current permafrost has not been a big problem for the pipes, John said. However, there could be problems when it thaws again.

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