Storms and snow Weather service warns of gusty winds in the region

BONN/REGION · The German Weather Service has issued an official warning of gusty winds for Bonn and the Rhine-Sieg region. There will also be a lot of rain.

The German Weather Service is warning of gusty winds in Bonn and the Rhine-Sieg region. They said there could be strong winds with speeds of between 65 and 80 kilometres per hour until early Wednesday morning. Where there are rain showers, heavy gusts of around 90 kilometres per hour should be expected.

There is a 90 per cent chance of rain on Tuesday. “In the morning, a storm with gusts of between 70 and 75 kilometres per hour awaits us in low lying areas; in the Siebengebirge they could also reach 90 kilometres per hour,” Karsten Brandt, a meteorologist, told the GA. The temperatures will then be between six and seven degrees.

The German Weather Service announced on Monday evening that there was a danger of falling objects. Individual tree branches could fall down.

160 flights in Amsterdam cancelled due to Storm Benjamin

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency has warned Storm Benjamin could cause a storm tide across parts of the North Sea coast. As a precaution, the Dutch airline KLM cancelled around 160 flights at the important hub of Amsterdam Schiphol. Deutsche Bahn was initially not ruling out rail traffic being affected by the storm. Travellers should get information in advance.

Brandt, the meteorologist, is also expecting individual snow showers in Bonn and the region on Tuesday night with temperatures of around three degrees. “What falls in Bonn won’t stay though. Even in the higher areas in the Siebengebirge or the Voreifel, only be a touch of white will remain,” says Brandt.

The weather should get better by the end of the week. Says Brandt: “Wednesday night will be frosty but clear and we can look forward to nice weather.” The meteorologist expects temperatures to rise to nine degrees by Sunday.

Danger of avalanche in the Alps but snow will not last in Bonn

Those hoping for a white blanket of snow in Bonn and the region must be patient. “So far, winter hasn’t really come through,” says Brandt, hazarding a look into the future: on the weekend of 19 and 20 January, a new low could bring more snow, which could remain in Bonn. By contrast, Bavaria has experienced one of the snowiest weekends of recent years.

The district administration in Miesbach announced a major emergency so it could better coordinate clearance works. The risk of avalanches in the Allgäuer, Ammergauer and Werdenfelser Alps dropped from the second highest level of 4 to 3. In Austria, concerns about avalanches are growing. In southern Bavaria and Austria, winter may give people a break on Tuesday but it will only be short. However, in Saxony, among other places, heavy snowfalls are expected from Tuesday.

(Original text:, Laszlo Scheuch. Translation: kc)

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