Goodbye to super summer? Weather turnaround expected for Bonn and region on Friday

Bonn/Region · That warm summer weather decided to hang on for awhile, giving the Rhineland a few more sunny days. But come Friday, we can expect a drop in the temperatures.

On Thursday, temperatures in the Rhineland and even in the higher elevations were still inching towards the 30 degree Celsius mark. But on Friday comes a big shift in the weather pattern.

Increasing cloud cover overnight means it can get wet, with localized thunderstorms possible. It will be a stretch for temperatures to reach even 20 degrees. At higher elevations, it will be even cooler. The major change in the weather pattern will prevail everywhere this weekend. Even so, an end to the ongoing drought doesn’t seem to be in sight.

Meteorologist Simon Trippler from the German Weather Service (DWD) explains it like this, “Temperatures will reach 16 to 21 degrees, which could feel like an early fall for many people because of the weeks of heat and warm weather. Contributing to that are showers and thunderstorms, which will be especially active on Saturday, and could provide some relief from the dryness. But we still have to see just how long-lasting this change of weather will be.”

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