May 4 - 6 What Bonners can expect for Rhine in Flames 2018

BONN · The popular Bonn event “Rhine in Flames” is coming up on the first weekend in May. "Around the world - die Welt zu Gast" is the theme. Besides the big fireworks, there will be lots of music and entertainment for all ages.

If you are new to Bonn, you will soon learn of a big event called “Rhein in Flammen”, which translates to “Rhine in Flames”. With up to 500,000 visitors on 45 illuminated ships and many attractions on the 27- kilometer stretch along the Rhine between Bonn and Linz, it all happens the first weekend of May (Friday, May 4 to Sunday, May 6). Udo Schäfer, Managing Director of the Tourism & Congress Association Bonn / Rhein-Sieg / Ahrweiler (T & C), promises "goose bumps" again this year when the ships in the convoy pass by five fireworks displays and over 700 red radiant Bengal torches along the route. The climax will be the closing fireworks on Saturday evening at 11:15 pm, which will take place in synch with music from five continents.

Tourism experts from around the world to attend

The World Climate Conference Cop23, which brought many international guests to Bonn last November, has inspired the organizers to give “Rhine in Flames” the theme "Around the world - die Welt zu Gast", with the German words meaning - the world is invited as our guest. It aims to transport the region’s cosmopolitanism, hospitality and the commitment of sponsors and partners to the world. Their involvement goes back in part to the year 1948, when the people and businesses along the Rhine still organized the torches along the river themselves. Parallel to the big event, another climate conference will be held in Bonn in preparation for Cop24 in Katttowitz, Poland.

For the 33rd year now, there will be events on the right and left side of the banks of the Rhine in Linz, Remagen, Unkel, Bad Honnef and Königswinter. Expect a lot of music and entertainment programs for all ages. The biggest festival during the event is celebrated in the Rheinaue Park on three separate stages. It includes a two-hour concert by Brings, a band from Cologne which performs in the local dialect.

Most hotels are already fully booked

Seven chartered ships will be filled with mainly tourism experts from all over the world, giving them an impression of Bonn as an attractive city and showing the fairy-tale Rhine route so they can take it back home to their own cities and countries.

The event is already a tourist magnet. Most hotels in the city have already been fully booked. The main sponsors of the event are Deutsche Post / DHL, which will be there for the 30th time this year, Sparkasse Köln-Bonn and SWB Energy and Water. A special program for illumination will allow the fireworks display to be reflected on the Post Tower.

(Orig. text: Stefan Hermes, Translation: ck)

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