Carnival in Rhineland What carnival-goers need to know about the 2020 Rose Monday parade

Bonn · On February 24th, Bonn's streets become colorful, loud and full of carnival revelers: The Rose Monday procession moves through the city center and Altstadt (Old Town). You can find all the information about it here.

 On February 24, the Rose Monday parade will wind through Bonn city center and the Old Town.

On February 24, the Rose Monday parade will wind through Bonn city center and the Old Town.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Rose Monday is also an important date in the carnival season for Bonn carnival revelers. So it is a matter of honor that no carnival enthusiast misses the Bonn parade. The theme of the parade this year is: "Jötterfunke överall - Ludwig, Bonn un Karneval" and the Bonn royalty couple Prince Richard I. and Bonna Katharina III will be on hand for the event.

Once again this year, around 80 floats and thousands of costumed carnival revelers will set out from Thomas-Mann-Strasse to complete the 3.8-kilometer-long route through the city center and Altstadt to Dorotheenstrasse.

Parade route and security

About 220,000 Jecken (carnival revelers) watched the parade from the roadside last year - which was about 30,000 less than the year before. But some Bonn residents were not deterred by the wind gusts and rain showers during the 2019 parade. Still, parade director Axel Wolf decided to do without horses for safety reasons. In this year’s parade, however, the horses will also be a part of the Rose Monday procession.

As in previous years, the Bonn Carnival Festival Committee will not allow Kamelle (sweets) to be thrown out when the parade stops. Adults should pay particular attention to the children. At so-called children's collection points along the parade route, adults can be reunited with their children if they have become separated from each other in all of the commotion.

It is even safer beside the individual floats. Because in addition to the six or eight persons who accompany the float (depending on the size of the vehicle), there is always someone there who is specifically responsible for safety and has a two-way radio along.

Here is where you can watch a live transmission of the Bonn Rose Monday parade:

We will be broadcasting live from 12:15 pm on February 24 from the parade. Meanwhile, if you want to watch the parade from 2019, here is the link.

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