City development What do Bonn residents want for the city center?

Bonn · GA journalist Sylvia Binner is leading the way. She would like to see some changes in the city center of Bonn and hopes that one day the ideas will come to fruition. And we are collecting more ideas for improvements for Bonn city center - from you the readers.

 Bonn from above.

Bonn from above.

Foto: dpa

It’s not only children who need fairy tales. Adults also dream about a fairy godmother who will grant them three or even more good wishes and then make them come true. That also applies to citizens of Bonn. And as we all know from fairy tales, one should not waste those wishes on low priority things that don’t really matter.

So let's be honest. What do we lack most in the beautiful and idyllic city of Bonn, located on the Rhine? This is not about mourning the lost opportunity for a concert hall or other wasted millions of euros, we simply want to see our wishes fulfilled in terms of urban planning. For example the opening up of the city center to the Rhine. How nice it would be if pedestrians and cyclists could reach the Rhine via a car-free and attractively designed corridor from the Marktplatz, and arriving there, they would find a wide range of eating establishments and accommodations. Other cities such as Düsseldorf have been offering this for a long time already. And it would certainly be worth a first wish for us Bonners, too.

Or what about a market hall located in the city center where one could spend lots of time walking around or just pop in for a short break? Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Freiburg could serve as examples. The abandoned Karstadt building or the Kaiserpassage could provide the appropriate setting. All or even only half of Bonn could meet up there for a Saturday stroll with masks or later perhaps even without masks. When it comes to using up wishes, some would for sure be willing to use up a wish for this.

So a third wish still remains, and we don’t want to be careless with this wish, and we also want to rely on the collective intelligence of the people who live here in Bonn. What would you wish for? Let us know by sending a mail to We will collect and sift through the ideas - and, you know journalists, I'm sure we will report on them.

(Orig. text: Sylvia Binner; Translation: ck)
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