Changes in the city What’s new: Shopping and dining in Bonn city center

BONN · Change is a constant and that also applies to Bonn city center. A number of changes are happening in the city, from a new L’Osteria restaurant to a Dutch department store but also a business closing down after 115 years.

For those who have lived in Bonn for a long time, they will have to get used to the new name “Sinn” which replaces “Sinn-Leffers”, the fashion department store on the corner of Münsterplatz and Remigiusstraße. It was named “Sinn-Leffers” in 1990, when the two textile businesses - “Sinn” and “Leffers” merged, each of them bringing a tradition of 100 years to the table.

Another name that means tradition in Bonn city center is “Deckers.” This business on Friedrichstraße will close at the end of September, and Susanne Deckers does not find it easy to shut the doors for good. "But I have not found a successor (to take over the store) and of course I do not want to stand behind the counter until the end of my life," she says. The specialist shop for riding, hunting and archery supplies was founded in 1903 by the great-grandparents of her deceased husband. She has been working there since 1976. The building where the shop is located has already been sold.

New Italian and Spanish restaurants

Store manager Erich Beyersdorff says the Bonn “Sinn” store is currently undergoing extensive modernization. Departments featuring brands such as Opus, More & More and Tommy Hilfiger are expanding. The Rich & Royal brand will also be added to the mix. The new name of the store “Sinn” - means “sense” in English, and the new slogan for the fashion store is “Das macht Sinn” (This makes sense).

Another Italian restaurant chain is also coming to the city center, next to Vapiano and not far from Tuscolo on Gerhard-von-Are-Straße. Whether this makes sense will be up to the customers to decide. The new L’Osteria will open in fall or winter in the building that once housed the Mambo furniture store. On their website, pastas and pizzas can be spotted on the menu. And since Bonner’s apparently have the reputation of being hungry and eager to dine out, the Spaniards also want to get in on the action. The restaurant Toro has just opened in space formerly occupied by the Bouvier book store. It becomes a new neighbor to Sausalitos, which offers Mexican-Californian cuisine.

In mid-September, Spanish business owner Miguel Marone will open his third café in Bonn. It will be called “Kurt” and will be located at Am Hof 26. He already runs two other cafés, one in Poppelsdorf and one in Endenich. Originally, the vegetarian chain “Voodies” was to open there after a major reconstruction, but this fell through at short notice.

Meanwhile, the café "Liebeslesen" reopened at the Haus der Bildung on Mülheimer Platz, where, according to the city of Bonn, work on the flooring had to be repaired as it was done incorrectly.

Dutch department store coming

On Sternstraße, an eye vision store called Viu replaced a women’s fashion boutique. Dutch department store Hema will open soon on Wenzelgasse in the former H&M space. At the end of the month, the fashion and accessories shop “Wunderbar” will move to where the boutique “Herrlich” was located. After more than 20 years, furniture store Ligne Roset on Oxford Street is expected to close at the end of October. An employee there said customers would be served by the Cologne store, but a new location in Bonn was also being sought.

One can’t really miss the nearly completed construction of the new Motel One on the corner of Sandkaule and Berliner Freiheit. With 218 beds, it is expected to open in mid-September, said a spokeswoman for the company in response to a GA inquiry.

(Orig. text: Lisa Inhoffen; Translation: ck)

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