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Tips for the weekend : Where Bonners can enjoy the sun despite coronavirus

Tips for the weekend : Where Bonners can enjoy the sun despite coronavirus

It will be hot this weekend. At the change to a new month, the thermometer will rise above 30 degrees. Therefore, GA provides an overview of where the people of Bonn can live out their midsummer desires despite coronavirus.

During the days and weeks of coronavirus, many people have adopted the motto: "We’ll make the best of it!". This coming weekend, with temperatures periodically over 30 degrees Celsius, invites you to put this motto into practice - in other words, to live out and enjoy a few days of high summer.

In the following overview, the GA gives a few selected tips on where you can experience summer events in the city in the coming days – naturally always with an eye on the necessary coronavirus distancing and hygiene rules.


Electro dance music will be offered to electro fans by three DJs from the Berlin open air club "Ritter Butzke" on Friday, 31 July, from 5.30 p.m. in the Rheinaue in Bonn. (Tickets from 19 euros)

The members of the Dutch record label "Protocol Recordings" are holding a picnic party in the Rheinaue on Saturday, 1 August, from 5 pm. (Tickets from 30 euros)

Meute is playing on Sunday, 2 August, from 7.45 p.m. in the Bonn Kulturgarten. With their acoustic instruments, the eleven musicians from the Hamburg Kiez district regularly evoke enthusiastic cheers from their audiences, with an exotic combination of pulsating techno and expressive brass music. (Tickets from 38 euros)

  • Location: Rheinaue/Kleine Blumenwiese, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 20, 53175 Bonn

Open-air cinema

Anyone who feels like watching films on the warm summer nights ahead should go to the "Friesi". The English musical comedy "Yesterday" will be shown there on Friday, 31 July, from 9.30 p.m. (admission is from 20 p.m.).

This coming Saturday, 1 August, things continue at the same times, with the tragic comedy "The Peanutbutter Falcon" about an unusual friendship between two men on the run.

  • Location: Freibad Friesdorf, Margaretenstraße 14, 53175 Bonn; Tickets: available at the box office or at the Kinemathek, Kreuzstraße 16, Beuel or by online purchase via the programme page of the Kinemathek (click on the desired film and then go to the yellow ticket button)

Open-air swimming pools

As already said, it is going to get really hot this weekend. What's better than jumping into the water? Except for the Ennertbad, all outdoor pools in town are open. However, the known coronavirus restrictions are in force. The time slot when you want to visit the pool, as well as the tickets, have to be booked in advance online at www.bonn.de/baeder. Apart from that, as always: Have fun bathing in the cool waters of Bonn.

Rhine shores, and lakes

Those who want to do less organisation and planning can also go/cycle to the Rhine or the Bonn lakes (Rheinauensee, Dornheckensee, Blauer See).

Here too, of course, the coronavirus distancing and hygiene rules apply, as well as the observance of the well-known warnings for natural bodies of waters, especially not to swim in the Rhine.